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Monday, February 10, 2014

Avengers – X-Sanction | Comics

avengers x-sanction
Avengers – X-Sanction | Comics
Cable has survived the effects of the deadly techno-organic virus inside of his body in the aftermath of “Second Coming” and reaches to an apocalyptic future where he learns from his mentor and ally Blaquesmith that, The Avengers will be responsible for the death of his daughter Hope Summers. So, with only 24 hours to live, he returns from the future with a plan to take down The Avengers, one by one. He first kidnapped the Falcon from the battlefield while the team was dealing with the Lethal Legion, which promptly led him to conflict with Captain America who followed Cable to his hideout and the latter managed to capture him after a brief fight. Iron Man notices Cap’s absence and quickly reached to his location only to find him in Magneto's inhibitor chair.

He soon is attacked by Cable with Stark Technologies from the future timeline and eventually is subdued as the latter has managed to override the defense system in Iron Man’s armor. Next up, the new powerhouse member of The Avengers known as Red Hulk shows up and another fierce battle ensues where Cable managed to take down the powerful Red Hulk. Upon defeating Rulk using the lethal techno-organic virus in his system, Nathan is approached by X-Men's Cyclops and Hope Summers, sent by his mentor. Before he could respond to them Spider-Man and Wolverine arrives to the scene as the last standing Avengers. If not stopped soon, Cable will turn on the rest of The Avengers members one by one and erase their existence from the history.
lethal legion marvel
The Avengers Chasing Lethal Legion
Here is your links for "Avengers – X-Sanction" limited series from Marvel Comics in issues.

Avengers – X-Sanction 01

Avengers – X-Sanction 02

Avengers – X-Sanction 03

Avengers – X-Sanction 04
cable vs the avengers
Cable Breaks The Avengers

Here is your links for this "Avengers – X-Sanction" limited series from Marvel Comics.

Avengers – X-Sanction (Softcover)

Avengers – X-Sanction (Hardcover)

Avengers – X-Sanction is a four issued limited series written by Jeph Loeb (Daredevil – Yellow, Hulk – Gray) and drawn by his long time penciller ally Ed McGuinness (Guardians of The Galaxy, Hulk – Red Hulk), with artist Joe Quesada (Daredevil – Guardian Devil, Daredevil – Father) and Leinil Francis Yu (New Avengers, Secret Invasion) delivering variant covers. It was published by Marvel Comics in 2012 and was the beginning story which led to the next biggest company wide Avengers Vs. X-Men crossover event. The series picked up materials from the "Second Coming" event and served as a prologue to the mega Avengers/X-Men showdown.
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Avenging Spider-Man – My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends | Comics

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and The Avengers were fighting a giant robot from A.I.M. While his fellow team-members Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Red Hulk, Spider-Woman, Thor and Wolverine were busy taking it down, Spidey wonders about how he manages to make time for all these super-heroics all the time! So, he asked his colleagues if anyone is going back to New York City as he has to get back to his job. Everyone bailed out and Iron Man suggested that Red Hulk drops him on their behalf.

At the same time, Mayor J. Jonah Jameson was attending a marathon on the other side of the city and soon it is interrupted by a huge pack of Moloids who stomped towards him, scaring the joggers present there. Mayor Jameson tried to stop the Moloids by shooting at them but quickly realized that it is filled with blanks and is kidnapped by the Moloids, who has taken his through a hole on street. Getting a call from Iron Man, Spidey and Red Hulk arrived moments before Jameson was taken.

marvel comics avenging spider man
Avenging Spider-Man – My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends | Comics

While Jonah Jameson was still threatening the Moloids for tearing his roads apart, Spider-Man and Red Hulk tries to intimidate the Moloids army. This result in one of them whistles a flute to summon a giant ground worm from beneath that apparently tore through land to swallow them both. Spidey and Rulk struggles to get free but some neuro-toxin released from its tongues put them to sleep. The Moloids, who thought Jameson to be King of island "New York" and taken him to their ruler Mole Man to ask for his help.

It appears that Mole Man didn't send the Moloids, they went looking for Jameson by their own. In fact, he no longer rules Subterranea as he is dethroned by the leader of the Molans called Ra'ktar. Mayor Jameson is brought to the new king and he is told to kneel but he refused. Since they all speak in runes, Jameson couldn't understand that he actually challenged Ra'ktar for his throne by refusing to kneel despite Mole Man's constant warnings before him and he is taken away.

When Spidey and Rulk gains consciousness, they found themselves in the deep underground of Subterranea. Rulk was about to bring it all down when Spidey stopped him and they are informed by the Moloids of a Civil War that is taking place between two Subterranean races; Moloids and Molans. As Jameson was being prepared by Molans to face Ra'ktar in combat, Red Hulk appears and challenges him in a battle. Rulk assured Spidey and Mayor Jameson that it would be a short fight but did not expect it to be for him.

avenging spider man red hulk marvel comics
Subterranean Civil War

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Avenging Spider-Man 01

Avenging Spider-Man 02

Avenging Spider-Man 03

Avenging Spider-Man 04

Avenging Spider-Man 05

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Avenging Spider-Man – My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends

"My Friends Can Beat Up Your Friends" is the first storyline from the brand-new monthly ongoing Avenging Spider-Man comic-book series. So, writer Zeb Wells (Dark Reign – Elektra, Shadowland – Elektra) teamed up with the long absent fan favorite Joe Madureira (Inhuman – Genesis, Savage Wolverine – Hands on a Dead Body) to create this part of storyline for Marvel Comics in 2012. Two one part bonus stories are also done by guest artist Greg Land (Mighty Avengers, Uncanny X-Men) and Leinil Francis Yu (New Avengers, Secret Invasion), also plotted by writer Wells.

joe madureira avenging spider man marvel comics
Ra'ktar, Champion of Molans

The first storyline follow a very unlikely team-up adventure of Spider-Man and Red Hulk in their quest to save a hostage Mayor J. Jonah Jameson from the middle of a Subterranean Civil War. However, it wasn't his lucky day and Spidey was forced to fill in for him and managed to save the day in a twist. Next up, he finds fellow Avenger member Hawkeye tagged along in a mission against Serpent Society, where his feeling of inferiority among super-heroes is explored. Finally, it was Captain America, who fought side by side with him in defeating Copperhead and they shared views about their passion.
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hulk – Asunder | Comics

Separated from his alter ego Doctor Bruce Banner during the unpleasant skirmish of Fear Itself, the Hulk starts living into the depths of Subterranea now. On the surface world, he was always feared and he never really understood if he was a hero or a monster. Here, he fights the good fight with the dangerous creature and monster that come into his way. Free from Banner's persona, he is now Hulk forever and knows exactly what he is.

the incredible hulk
Hulk – Asunder | Comics

Down here, he lives with a moloid tribe who are celebrating the green goliath's presence among them. Even though the elder of the tribe assures Hulk an undisturbed stay in here, he is not quite convinced yet. The welcome party for Hulk is soon interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a secret government sponsored team with their robotic drones and drills to eliminate mad scientists, called the Mad Squad, led by Amanda Von Doom.

Amanda seeks out Hulk's assistance in their current mission and that is to stop the now unstable scientist Bruce Banner who has become a great problem for them. Bruce is restlessly trying to re-invent the Incredible Hulk, which he believes is one of his greatest achievements over the years, by experimenting on various creatures on the island laboratory and turning every type of animal into gamma-irradiated monsters, causing menace to the people around.

Amanda is on charge of the operation to take Banner down for good. Hulk shows no interest in her cause and turns her down. But later, when his newly found adoptive family of moloids is attacked by Banner's creatures; a bipedal gamma-irradiated warthog duo called 26 and 27, Hulk decides to help Amanda on one condition; to face Bruce Banner by himself and finish all of this madness for good.

A date with his wife Betty Ross goes sore when she finds out that Banner actually came to a deserted tropical island for his own research purpose. He started his work there which was a neuclear testing site from the 50's. When his continuous effort of bringing out the Hulk from within fails, Banner entertains the idea of creating the gamma-bomb that gave birth to the green goliath in the first place.

For more information on Incredible Hulk storyline, you can check out the link below.

Hulk – Asunder (Comics) Marvel Wikia

incredible hulk smash
The Strongest Beast There Is

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Incredible Hulk V3 01

Incredible Hulk V3 02

Incredible Hulk V3 03

Incredible Hulk V3 04

Incredible Hulk V3 05

Incredible Hulk V3 06

Incredible Hulk V3 07

Incredible Hulk V3 07.1

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Hulk – Asunder (Softcover)

Hulk – Asunder (Hardcover)

"Asunder" is an eight part story arc that took place in the third volume of The Incredible Hulk comic series, published on 2011 by Marvel Comics. Jason Aaron (Avengers Vs. X-Men, Original Sin), one of Marvel's visionary writers created this plot along with two of the industry legend Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Witchblade) and Whilce Portacio (Spawn, Uncanny X-Men), who fleshed out the Hulk impressively and have the story a higher standard.

hulk smash
Jaws of Gamma Sharks

This artified storyline took place during the “Shattered Heroes” crossover event and served as a tie-in. A new character named Amanda von Doom AKA Commander Doom is introduced, who by far is declared having no relationship with Doctor Doom. Aside from the primary focusing characters related to the arc, characters like She-Hulk, Red HulkRed She-HulkWolverine, Ghost Rider, Mad Thinker, Tinkerer, Red Ghost and Baron Zemo were either given reference or shown in photographs as a sort of cameo appearance.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Secret Invasion | Comics

secret invasion comics
Secret Invasion | Comics
At the end of the the Kree-Skrull War, a group of super powered heroes formed The Illuminati, traveled to the Skrull throne planet to warn them not to make any further moves against Earth but they were captured and eventually fled later. Over years the Skrulls have made several attempts to conquer earth and most of the time their plan was foiled by the Fantastic Four. During the Annihilation event, Galactus decimated the Skrull homeworld, Tarnax IV and now with no planet of their own, Princess Veranke of the Skrull Empire planned for an invasion on Earth. As it was planned, the Skrulls started infiltrating in the ranks of the superheroes even before the events of House of M and with the mutant populace out of their way, they become more active as Civil War drifted the heroes apart.

The fight of World War Hulk almost cleared their path as Hulk was gone and then Nick Fury went underground after he arranged Secret War that caused massive destruction around the city and sent Spider Woman to infiltrate Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. as he found evidence that suggests of an alien invasion. When Elektra died in a battle against the New Avengers, she is revealed to be an impostor Skrull agent and Iron Man is informed about this. Then fellow Illuminati member Black Bolt of The Inhumans has revealed himself as another Skrull agent in disguise. Seeing this, huge distrust among the superhero community starts to grow that begins to set them apart from each other. To led a full-scale invasion, the Skrull's have developed a new breed of Super-Skrulls.

For more information on Secret Invasion crossover, you can check out these links below.

Secret Invasion (Comics) Wikipedia

Secret Invasion (Comics) Marvel Wikia

marvel skrull invasion
Skrull Impostors Taking Over
Here is your links for "Secret Invasion" limited series from Marvel Comics in issues.

Secret Invasion 01

Secret Invasion 02

Secret Invasion 03

Secret Invasion 04

Secret Invasion 05

Secret Invasion 06

Secret Invasion 07

Secret Invasion 08

Here is your links for "Secret Invasion" crossover event from Marvel Comics.

Secret Invasion – The Infiltration

Secret Invasion – Who Do You Trust?

secret invasion marvel
An Event of Cosmic Relevance
Secret Invasion – Home Invasion

Secret Invasion (Softcover)

Secret Invasion (Hardcover)

"Secret Invasion" is a major Marvel Comics crossover event that took several years in the making and finally published in 2008. With a core story of eight issues plotted by Brian Michael Bendis (Age of Ultron, Avengers Disassembled) and drawn by Leinil Francis Yu (New Avengers, Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk), the story features many monthly tie-in and issues from other monthly series like Avengers – The Initiative, Black Panther, Captain Britain and MI-13, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Incredible Hercules, Iron Man, Mighty Avengers, Ms. Marvel, New Avengers, New Avengers – Illuminati, New Warriors, Nova, Punisher War Journal, She-Hulk, Thunderbolts and X-Factor. In the aftermath of Secret Invasion storyline, another event called the "Dark Reign" occurs.If you like the post, then PLEASE leave a comment.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America | Comics

Seeing the violent consequences around him in opposing the Superhuman Registration Act, Captain America ended the "Civil War" event single handedly and afterwards is shot by the villain Crossbones while taken away into custody. Like many others, Cap’s long time war-buddy and an X-Man; Wolverine refuses to believe that Cap is no more.

fallen son marvel
Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America | Comics

So, along with Daredevil, he went on to the S.H.I.L.E.D. custody with help from Doctor Strange and the Winter Soldier, to see if Steve Rogers is really dead or if there is a body. Ms. Marvel, Ares, Wasp, Wonder Man, Black Widow and The Sentry of the Mighty Avengers are called by Iron Man to inform about Logan’s infiltrating to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

To lessen his guilt over Rogers's unexpected death, Tony Stark offers a newly resurfaced Clint Burton to take Captain America's place to represent the hero to American people, as he is one of the few people who can effectively handle Captain America's shield but Burton, seeing the real picture behind the cause, refuses to do so and left Tony alone, who assisted him as Iron Man to apprehend two of the unregistered Young Avengers member.

Spider-Man also mourns at the grave of his beloved Uncle Ben about all the people he has lost over years including his best friend Harry Osborn, Captain Stacy and the love of his life; Gwen Stacy and now he'll have to deal with Cap's death too. Spidey got engaged with Rhino as a result of a silly misunderstanding and he stands tall against his opponent as he once saw Cap standing against The Incredible Hulk in the past.

For more information on Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America limited series, you can check out the link below.

Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America (Comics) Wikipedia

death of captain america
Loss of The Greatest Hero

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01. Fallen Son - Wolverine

02. Fallen Son - Avengers

03. Fallen Son - Captain America

04. Fallen Son - Spider-Man

05. Fallen Son - Iron Man

Here is your links to buy "Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America (Softcover)

Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America (Hardcover)

"Fallen Son – The Death of Captain America" is a five issue limited series published by Marvel Comics in 2007, as a follow-up to "The Death of Captain America" story arc. The story focuses on the reactions of the great American hero, Captain America's comrades on his death after the events of the infamous superhero Civil War. Writer Jeph Loeb (Avengers – X-Sanction, Daredevil – Yellow) is the mastermind behind the whole plot.

hawkeye captain america
New Captain America

Famous artists like David Finch (Aphrodite IX, Cyberforce), Ed McGuinness (Guardians of The Galaxy, Nova), John Romita Jr. (Avengers Vs. X-Men, World War Hulk) and Leinil Francis Yu (New Avengers, Secret Invasion) has contributed for the mini-series, by each drawing for individual issues of the mini-series, where over the death of Cap, superheroes of Marvel Universe, such as Wolverine, Spider-Man and Iron Man deals with the five stages of grief in person.
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