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Hellboy – Seed of Destruction | Comics

During the time of World War II, the infamously fabled Russian psychic Grigori Rasputin were recruited in a secret doomsday project by the Nazis that will bring up the end of the world and ensure their victory in the final battle. Though Rasputin was well aware of Hitler’s upcoming fate, he still decides to take the resources at hand for his own purpose to summon his masters, the mystical savage beasts called the Ogdru Jahad on Earth.

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Hellboy – Seed of Destruction | Comics

However, what he ended up transporting via the portal was only a red-skinned half-demonic humanoid boy who was later found by an American elite rescue troops and he was immediately dubbed “Hellboy” by a young paranormal official named Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, who adopted him as his own son afterwards. Even though, Rasputin’s effort of creating a miracle was seemingly laid waste but he still remained in shadows for a long time. He was waiting for the right time to strike back at the world and remained dormant with his destructive purpose withing him.

After passing fifty years of that event, the grown up Hellboy is working in the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense in New York, where he works along with fellow agent Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien as a paranormal investigator. When a much older Bruttenholm was telling him about the event of his origin, the place is then suddenly swarmed with frogs and a huge one chase and kills Bruttenholm, leaving markings around him, this sets Hellboy to reveal the mysterious secret behind these malevolent scenes.

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Hellboy – Seed of Destruction (Comics) Wikipedia

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An Agent of Destruction

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Hellboy – Seed of Destruction 01

Hellboy – Seed of Destruction 02

Hellboy – Seed of Destruction 03

Hellboy – Seed of Destruction 04

Here is your links to buy "Hellboy – Seed of Destruction" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

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Hellboy – Seed of Destruction (Kindle)

Created by writer/artist Mike Mignola (Cosmic Odyssey, Lobster Johnson), Hellboy is a fictional superhero from Dark Horse Comics. Hellboy – Seed of Destruction is a four part limited series that is plotted by John Byrne (Jack Kirby's Fourth World, John Byrne’s Next Men) and Mike Mignola, with the former also serving as the artist for the book.

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The Ogdru Jahad Unleashed

The story won Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album and Best Writer/Artist for Mike Mignola, as well as served as the main plotline for the 2004 live-action Hellboy movie starring actor Ron Perlman in the titular role. Te aftermath of the book is continued in another limited series, Wake the Devil, released on 1996.
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