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The Sentry | Comics

The Sentry is a forgotten legend and the most powerful super hero in the Marvel Universe, known as The Golden Guardian of Good!

When United State's secret project Operation: Rebirth was successful to create their very first super-soldier Captain America, their administration teamed up with Department K, Canada's secret government agency to do something big. Together they formed Project: Sentry to recreate Super Soldier Serum once again back in 1947.

However, their goal was to create a serum that is a thousand fold more powerful than original this time without even considering what outcomes it can lead to and later they completely abandoned this project when America was busy fighting communists as it remained that way for many years to come and people almost forgot about it.

10 years after that, a meth-junkie named Robert Reynolds broke into the laboratory of Professor Cornelius Worth looking for some drugs just to get high and found a glowing serum, which he didn't realize was the ultimate drug of his worthless life. Upon consuming it, he almost immediately starts manifesting the power of a million exploded suns.

It killed everyone present by instantly blowing up entire compound building within moments. With his constant urge of using this newfound power for some greater good and make a heroic showoff, he debuted as a superhero named The Sentry and went public in costumes since it was hard to do literally anything within test facilities.

Age of The Sentry
In a world that had almost forgotten the era of heroes, he appeared to common people as a beacon of hope with his unique heroic ventures and was also an accepted superhero figure by the society. The Sentry befriended Mister Fantastic of Fantastic Four, genius billionaire inventor Iron Man and even managed to tame down The Hulk.

He became a mentor for Spider-Man and a great ally to Professor X of mutant superhero team X-Men. Robert then married Lindy Lee, love of his life and everything was going near perfect until his worst nightmare came into form within himself.

sentry marvel comics
The Sentry | Comics

New Avengers: Breakout
Aided by his acting bodyguard Luke Cage, lawyers Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson go to visit one of their clients on maximum security prison, The Raft on Ryker's Island. Turns out, they are here to see a mentally unstable Robert Reynolds AKA Sentry who claims to have killed his own wife and requested Nick Fury to be locked up.

Suddenly, a massive power outage caused by Electro frees all super-villains from their cells and Carnage finds his way to them. Finally, convinced by Foggy, Bob takes Carnage into space and rips him in half. As the situation came under control, Captain America formed New Avengers team with him on board to keep an eye on Bob.

The Void
Though founding members of New Avengers team were inspired by Sentry's heroic showdown back in breakout at Raft, he stayed far away from them all. They informed him that his thought-dead wife Lindy Lee is actually very much alive and the only remaining reference of him was left on comic-book pages, which doesn't make sense at all.

Soon, S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill assembled Fantastic Four, Inhumans and X-Men to confront Robert about these connections and mutant telepath Emma Frost discovered a secret of an inner boogey monster within him named The Void, whom all heroes have fought with everything they had at their disposal to almost no avail.

When he has managed to get a grip on reality and banish Void for good, Captain America offered Robert Reynolds a membership to join his team because of his immeasurable strength but mostly so that they can always keep an eye on him. Bob accepted and on top of Stark Tower, Sentry's Watchtower appeared out of nowhere.

When the second Black Widow Yelena Belova was sent after the team by her superiors at Hydra to take them down after they equipped her with the power of Adaptoid, she gave all a beat-down and absorbed powers of everyone including Sentry, which exposed her to The Void. She is melted down by A.I.M. when they thought she is going to spill her guts.

Realizing that The Void was actually a malicious persona of Sentry himself, Robert now faces some serious psychological problems and his psychiatrist Dr. Cornelius Worth saw through this dilemma. While Bob believed that he has locked up The Void back in Watchtower, Cornelius discovers just an empty chair and a mirror there.

Bob confesses that he thought if he believed that The Void is locked up, it would probably save the world from it. To see through his confusion, he even paid Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange a visit, which wasn't much helpful at all. It eventually came down to one last confrontation between them that ended up in throwing Void into sun.

The Collective
When all of depowered mutants' collective power from "House of M" found home into an energy-absorbing mutant named Michael Pointer, it destroys a fraction of Alaska and puts a Red Alert situation by destroyed Alpha Flight. Maria Hill calls for New Avengers to help and Captain America tries reaching out to Bob Reynolds.

Though initially, he was unable to shake off the fear of Void but came to help when Iron Man and Ms. Marvel were having a hard time with Michael. Sentry flew him into space and these two starts battling out so his teammates could catch a break but only for him being thrown out only moments after and it heads back to Earth again.

As Bob was preparing to engage Michael once more, Stark flew him out of battle to see where he is headed. The Collective went straight to Genosha and re-powered Magneto but got taken out by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Daisy Johnson. Iron Man managed to trap the power of Collective in an energy field for Sentry to fly it off to sun for good.

Civil War
When entire super-hero community was divided over Superhuman Registration Act, Sentry chose to take sides with Iron Man but then fled to moon to avoid conflict with his friends. There he meets The Inhumans and their king Black Bolt, who were unaware of that conflict back on Earth ad at first thought him to be a threat.

Then Iron Man managed to convince him to come back helping him against the resistance of Captain America and he assisted a S.H.I.E.L.D. unit to apprehend a rogue Wolverine, who took matters regarding Nitro in his own hand. In the aftermath of the skirmish, he joined the new team of Mighty Avengers, as a replacement of the original band of Avengers (New Avengers – Civil War).

The Ultron Initiative
Since Sentry was the most powerful among all of Mighty Avengers, Iron Man and Ms. Marvel try to help him with his mental issues for their own sake. When Tony Stark's Iron Man armor suddenly starts morphing into a shape of woman that resembled to Janet van Dyne, it was revealed to be a new form of Ultron.

As he slays hordes of monsters sent by Mole Man and then trashed Ares, Sentry engaged the genocidal android in a fight and no one seemed to outmatch each other for a while. At one point, Ultron enraged him by threatening to kill Lindy but Ares and Ant-Man finally managed to shut it down for good.

World War Hulk
Hulk was sent to space in exile by The Illuminati and he landed on alien planet Sakaar, where he was captured and tortured before he overthrew his captor (Planet Hulk). He eventually attempted to settle there with Caiera the Oldstrong but lost everyone in a tragic accident, which blew up the entire planet and all of its inhabitants.

Now, blaming heroes of Earth for this mess, he and his team of Warbound arrived on Earth to take down many heroes and forces them to fight each other at a gladiatorial arena of Madison Square Garden. Seeing things going out of hand, Sentry decided to intervene by playing God and a major battle follows between two of them.

Secret Invasion
When Skrulls have started their infiltration on Earth, they were quite worried about the mutant population but after "House of M", their numbers dropped exponentially. Hulk was also taken back to custody after "World War Hulk" incident. So, all they were left to take care was Doctor Strange and Sentry.

As they knew that they cannot possibly defeat The Sentry with all of their might, the Skrull-Vision managed to mess up his head by convincing him that this is all his doing because this is what Void wanted all along. He eventually returns as The Void when the Skrulls broke into Watchtower and threatened his wife Lindy.

Dark Avengers
Upon taking down Skrull-Queen, Norman Osborn effectively ended Skrull Invasion on Earth and became head of security. Robert was invited to join in his own, twisted version of Avengers team funded by the government and he does so when Osborn promises to help him deal with his psychological problems.

Bob fought and seemingly killed sorceress Morgan le Fay with his teammates and their ally Doctor Doom. He killed a bunch of Atlantean terrorists on Osborn's request by becoming The Void. Even though all of his teammates were shit-scared of him, Osborn keeps comforting him to keep him under his leash (Dark Avengers – Assemble).

Molecule Man
Osborn's Dark Avengers were called in when the daughter of a US Senator goes missing in Dinosaur, Colorado; home of the villain Molecule Man. Not only did he defeat all of them with ease, he held them prisoner in a dimension of his own. He tore apart The Sentry on molecular level, led everyone to believe his god-like existence finally diminished.

However, in his time of captivity, Robert eventually figures out how to pull his molecules back together and returns to real world only to be destroyed by Owen Reece again. Bob comes back one more time to seemingly kill Molecule Man for good after he restores back everyone else of their reformed criminals' group.

Dark Reign
Following Skrull Invasion era, Norman Osborn pretty much controls everything with the new world peace-keeping organization H.A.M.M.E.R. and his Dark Avengers. He also formed a secret collective of his own called Cabal consisting of sinister people like Emma Frost, Doctor Doom, Loki, Namor and The Hood.

Later, Namor betrays Osborn and Doom releases a swarm of robotic locusts from a Doombot he sent in his place when he is threatened. It was Sentry who quickly took control over the situation. During their confrontation on Utopia, Emma Frost tries to reach out his mind to contain The Void but failed (Dark Reign – The Underside).

Robert was tricked by Norman Osborn to help him and his Dark Avengers to lay "Siege" on Asgard. When Ares violently attacks Osborn for massacring his people, Sentry interfered only for these two to go toe to toe. In a sudden fit of rage, Sentry ended up ripping the God of War apart. He next faced Thor before Osborn orders him to bring down Asgard.

With unexpected help from a redeemed Loki, The Avengers managed to take him down and turned him back to Robert Reynolds, who begged to be killed. Wrapping the remains of Sentry in his cape, Thor released it into the sun after granting him a quick death by striking him with a powerful bolt of lightning (Siege – Dark Avengers).

The Apocalypse Twins
When Uncanny Avengers was already troubled with their teammate Thor and Wolverine's past mistakes that has led to death of a Celestial Gardener, Kang's Apocalypse Twins; Uriel and Eimin resurrects Sentry as well as former X-Men member Banshee, Grim Reaper and Daken as four Horsemen of Death.

Robert headed straight to Apocalypse Ark to savagely take down Odinson only to be faced by a furious God of Thunder again after a short while. On Tachyon Dam, he grab hold of Wasp and tear up his own head to reveal that Death Seed is turning him into a new Apocalypse before Thor comes back swinging at him again.

Ragnarok Now
The death of Celestial Gardener at the hands of Uriel and Eimin causes arrival of Exitar the Executioner, which will destroy Earth as a punishment for their action, which Uriel and Eimin actually wanted. Even under the influence of Apocalypse Twins, Thor somehow managed to reach out to Sentry,

Despite his belief of being newest heir of Apocalypse, he still wants to protect mankind. When confronted by Exitar, Sentry and Rogue held him long enough for Thor to slay him with his enchanted axe Jarnbjorn after they failed to convince him, because he won't listen to them. Robert then proceeds to remove Exitar's body far from Earth.

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Into The Void

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A fictional protagonist who frequently appears in Marvel Comics publications, the character of Sentry is created by comic-book writer Paul Jenkins (The Darkness, Hellblazer) and artist Jae Lee (Dark Tower, WildC.A.T.s) back in 2000, debuting on the pages of five-part limited series The Sentry, issue #1, which was later dubbed as "Age of The Sentry".

Though, Sentry was mostly absent in many of earlier adventures of Marvel Universe before events of "Avengers Disassembled" took place, he was present during the crossover event like Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Utopia and Siege, playing a vital role in each.

the sentry vs hulk
Taming The Hulk

Sentry is not only the most powerful of all superheroes in Marvel but arguably in entire collective history of all fictional universes exists in comics. He is powerful enough to tame The Incredible Hulk, fight Doctor Doom, tore down Morgan le Fay with ease, defeat an advanced version of Ultron, ripping Ares in half in fit of rage, destroying Asgard as it was floating on Broxton, Oklahoma.

He even killed Loki in his Void form at that time and finally he was only slayed when he willingly let Thor strike a very powerful bolt of lightning onto him in a moment of grief. He was brought back afterwards by the Apocalypse Twins as Horseman of Death but he considered himself as newest heir of Apocalypse.
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