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Deadpool – Secret Invasion | Comics

The Skrull Invasion has thrown the entire superhero community off-balance but for Deadpool, it's just Monday!

The shape-shifting alien race of Skrulls started taking over Earth by posing as government officials, military, Mutants and even the ranks of super-heroes, infiltrating everywhere. To establish a new world order, they are attacking on various places with their armada ships to take over.

A Skrull ship from invading force showed up over a baseball stadium while a game was on progress. While they were explaining their agenda to audience, their scan detects a non-human life form in the field which interests them slightly.

When Commander Ak'strk of the warship looks at the screen, he saw a game mascot and is told that it is heavily armed. After immediately gunning it down, they sent a small unit to take a closer look for examination.

They realize what they thought as a costume is actually body armor and see the dome above them closing. From inside the mascot, Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool reveals himself to his baffled audience but since they haven't marked him as a significant threat, none of them initially recognized the Merc with a Mouth.

deadpool secret invasion
Deadpool – Secret Invasion | Comics

While the Skrulls try to figure out who he is, Wade was kicking butt and cutting them to pieces before he cleared the civilians out of the field. The cannon from the warship are fired again to take him down for good and another unit was sent believing target has been neutralized.

However, the ground troop find the mascot body armor empty and deploys Super-Skrull as Dee Pee was on top of their ship, blowing it up with explosives. He came crushing up from the roof, holding their General of the armada at gunpoint but almost immediately surrenders himself to them, expressing his wish to join their ranks.

Apparently, Wade was trying to make an impression by showing off but not buying it, Super-Skrull came at him. Though initially skeptical about his claims about wanting to side with them, they do recruit him considering his past of being a fine assassin created by Weapon X and possessing the accelerated healing factor in his genes to use it for their own need.

Soon, it appears that what Deadpool claimed at first place is not entirely true to the word and someone else is backing him up here on a deep-cover mission as well.

Upon dealing with the alien shape-shifters, DP was about to hit a major payday but he screwed up parts of the deal and got no money. After sitting ducks for months, Wade is broke now and turned to Colonel Zeke for some work.

He asks Wilson to go to Eastern Europe for bringing back his former-supermodel wife and kill a plastic surgeon named Dr. Druek Lovosno who has turned her into a flesh-eating zombie for a million bucks. From the start, it looks like a botched up job and Wade smells of double-crossing.

paco medina deadpool
Super-Skrull Battle Royale

Here is your links to buy "Deadpool – Secret Invasion" from Marvel Comics in issues on Amazon.

Deadpool V2 01

Deadpool V2 02

Deadpool V2 03

Deadpool V2 04

Deadpool V2 05

Here is your links to buy "Deadpool – Secret Invasion" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Deadpool Vol 01 – Secret Invasion (Softcover)

Deadpool Vol 01 – Secret Invasion (Hardcover)

With the major crossover event, "Secret Invasion" on progress, this three part story is a tie-in plot devised by writer Daniel Way (Bullseye – Greatest Hits, Ghost Rider – Vicious Cycle) and artist Paco Medina (Legendary Star-Lord – Face It, I Rule, Venom – Run). The creative team is back again with an anti-hero of Marvel Comics, Deadpool.

Collecting first five issues of the second monthly ongoing series of the controversial character, we are advanced towards another major event "Dark Reign". Unlike his previous work, Medina toned down his drawings to a less bulky structures and it looks as good as the story with a traditional quirky tale of the merc.

deadpool vs skrulls
One of The Skrulls

Following the events of "Wolverine – Origins – Deadpool", Wade Wilson went after Skrulls after he failed to do a job involving Wolverine and his son Daken. When the Skrulls attack on a baseball stadium during a worldwide invasion, they probably does that for many people to see that but when Deadpool shows up to take them all out by himself, doesn't that make him insane?

Well, he already is. Otherwise, who else would dare to call a Super-Skrull "Chilly McHotpants"? Special guest appearance from Nick Fury and Norman Osborn would have major impact for the build of plot towards "Deadpool – Dark Reign".
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