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Aliens – More Than Human | Comics

An exploratory operation known as Honito Enterprises found a distant planet on a far away planetary system called Chione. It is full of vast lands, untapped resources and mystery of its own. So, when they found this seemingly uninhabited planet that promises a lot of possibilities, they immediately flagged it through a file claim for massive planetary findings for later times. Upon learning of a recent finding of some non-human artifacts, they immediately have sent along a crew for archeological dig to go there prospecting the area.

After a journey of eighteen months long hyper-sleep into the ship Vidar, the planetary explorers group wakes up shortly before landing. Biologist David Sereda came along the group to do some paperwork on site finally reaches to the colony of crews. Because of some radio problem, the surveyors couldn't communicate with anyone but were still greeted by Chester Adnour and Gary Lowenger of mining crews residing there. Shortly after their arrival, all members of the exploration team were suddenly shot down in cold blood.

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Aliens – More Than Human | Comics

Apparently those folks didn't want the explorers to find something mysterious, hidden beneath the lands of Chione and is determined to keep it to themselves. After dumping those deceased bodies, they came to an ancient valley while talking about discovering some blessings and missions to carry out. As night falls and the crew left, a heavily wounded Sereda slowly manages to crawl back up from the pile of his now-dead companions, who is revealed to be a synthetic android among a group of humans.

The gunshot has messed up his basic programming and now he has his own free will. He patches himself up to functionality and prepares to take off but then he responds to a sudden emergency radio signal on his frequency from a woman named Andrea Keats of the crews from the ancient Canyon City deep down below. She identifies herself as one of the member from earlier explorer teams Honito Inc. had sent here. Andrea fearfully speaks of some monsters around these labyrinths of passages seeking to kill her.

After arming himself up, Sereda advances towards the passage of mazes and learns from her that how people from Andrea's camp had all gone crazy after some scouts have found the complex at first. They were all duped with illusions from mind-numbing living rocks and gone crazy. However, people have found a few Alien Eggs hidden beneath the city and their nightmare just came true quite shortly. These murderous beasts aren’t just the typical sneaky bugs who want to sink their vicious teeth on human flesh as they used to be. They’re like a sub-species or a Phenotype, who only seem to have one mode; Attack!

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Xenomorph Massacre

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Here is your links to buy "Aliens – More Than Human" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Aliens – More Than Human

Following a decade long absence in publication after releasing Aliens – Xenogenesis, Dark Horse Comics decided to re-launch their popular Aliens franchise once again. So in 2009, writer John Arcudi (Abe Sapien, B.P.R.D.) was teamed up with artist Zach Howard (The Cape, Wild Blue Yonder) and Gabriel Andrade to work on the four issue limited series titled “Aliens – More Than Human”, which was at first simply called Aliens 3. Since, their goal was to revamp the series for a fresh new start, they moved up from archetypal horror stories we have been fed for last few decades and it worked out perfectly fine.

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Faceless Horrors of Necropolis

In terms of storytelling, the point of moving with a Synthetic protagonist instead of a human in distress with a will to survive all odds paid off real good. A one-shot book titled “Free Comic Book Day – Aliens/Predator” was also released by publisher on the same year to tie-in with this story to give it the source of origin through a prologue. Aside from putting an Android on driving wheel, this limited series also introduced a new breed of Tusked Xenomorphs in lore. The series not only rejuvenated entire Alien chronicles but also served as a prequel for oncoming six-issue series crossover Aliens Vs. Predator – Three World War, that came in later.
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