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The Walking Dead – Something To Fear | Comics

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The Walking Dead – Something To Fear
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Upon striking a deal with Hilltop Colony for protecting them from The Saviors and their leader Negan, Rick Grimes heads back to Alexandria to prepare themselves against them. At the safe-zone, Gabriel Stokes was keeping a church service for the surviving residents out there and Abraham goes to see how Rosita’s been doing after the break up but Eugene tries to mess up with his mind a little, which she disapproves. En route back to home, Rick and the survivors are stopped by a small gang of Saviors on bikes who demands all of their supplies, stating it all belongs to Negan now. Rick and his crew made a quick work of the gang and that Savior is sent back to give a message to Negan that they should all stay out of Hilltop and The Saviors should give their supplies to Rick.

Maggie reveals to Glenn that she is pregnant while Rick and Andrea started to live together, which even Carl knows of. Abraham and Eugene hit the road next morning in search for ammunition. Then suddenly, the latter is killed by an arrow that pierced his head and the former is taken hostage. With him, the attacking Saviors unsuccessfully attempts to enter Alexandria but are nearly decimated. The survivors all mourn Abraham’s death and everyone gathers in church for him. Glenn wants to move to Hilltop for a safer future for Maggie, Sofia and his unborn child. So, leaving Andrea in charge, Rick and his group heads to Hilltop Colony but during his night watch, Rick and company is ambushed by Negan and his men. He is here to make a point by killing one of them.

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The Leader of The Saviors
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Here is your link for “The Walking Dead – Something To Fear" storyline from Image Comics.
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Negan Kills

The Walking Dead Vol 17 – Something To Fear

The seventeenth in the line of The Walking Dead storylines from Image Comics, “Something To Fear” is written by Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and drawn by artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files), following “A Larger World”. The story ran from issue #97-102 of the ongoing series and not only it features the 100th issue of the series but also includes the death of two major protagonist characters in an epic climax. The story is also adapted in the Season 6 finale episode of The Walking Dead TV Show titled "Last Day on Earth", where actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan played the role of Negan and kills one of the survivors in the same fashion depicted in the comics of whose identity is yet to be revealed in Season 7. Following Rick and his group’s encounter with The Governor, Negan is the next biggest villain in this entire series and perhaps even more complex of a character. The saga continues in the next part called “What Comes After”.
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