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The Walking Dead – March To War | Comics

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The Walking Dead – March To War
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Glenn was buried within the walls of Hilltop Colony where Maggie lives now. She was beside his grave when a resident named Brianna comes to console her who lost almost everyone she loved a short while ago. Jesus covertly sneaks into Hilltop to pay Maggie a secret visit as well as Gregory. On Alexandria Safe-Zone, Rick Grimes finally reveals his plan to Andrea for taking down Negan for good. Though, Carl deemed to be left out of his father's plan, Rick allows him to take part in overthrowing Negan as he is a big-boy now. He also approaches Michonne about his plan, who believed that Rick was down for good and hung her katana. Now that she knows, it was a ploy to make everyone to think that Rick got soft; she is not too pleased about not knowing it previously.

Thinking of going against Negan is a real bad idea, one of Hilltop's guard Kal takes it upon himself to inform Negan about it and stop the war but was stopped by Jesus in time. Rick takes Andrea, Carl, Michonne and a few others at The Kingdom to meet King Ezekiel and all are astound to see his pet tiger Shiva. Michonne and Ezekiel had a rocky start at first but they eventually got along. Meanwhile, Negan comes to Alexandria when Rick was out and so he waited for his arrival. Spencer Monroe approached him about killing Rick and making him a leader instead. In response, Negan literally made him to spill his guts. Once inside the boundaries of the Safe-Zone, Rick decides to ambush on Negan and kill him, but sometimes he can be crazy wrong about his arch-enemies.

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The Walking Dead – March To War (Comics) Wikia
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Guts and Gore
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Negan Strikes Again!

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The Walking Dead Vol 19 – March To War

March To War" is the nineteenth storyline from The Walking Dead monthly ongoing series, credited to writer/creator Robert Kirkman (Image United, Invincible) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files). This plotline has served as a prologue arc for the major oncoming impact on the series that would change up everything like never before. It also lends elements to The Walking Dead TV Show on AMC TV that is adapted into iconic moments for Season 7 of the show. Continued from the previous storyline "What Comes After", the story comprises from issues #109-114 of the ongoing Image Comics series that will led into the groundbreaking saga of "All Out War" next.
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