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Dead Rising – Road to Fortune | Comics

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Dead Rising – Road to Fortune | Comics
In search for the "Scoop of a Lifetime", internationally renowned freelance photographer Frank West got trapped in the Willamette Parkview Mall of Colorado, which he might not get out from alive. A town overrun by the ravaging zombies and a shady-deep conspiracy behind the incident, all Frank ever wanted was all right here but the breaking news that he wants to reveal to the world would be possible if only Frank can get out of here alive in one piece. In the middle of this maddening chaos, he jumps into the crowd of the ravaging undeads to save Isabela Keyes from being eaten alive. Eventually they both managed to get out of the outbreak safely but Isabela turns and instantly bites him in the neck.

All of it was from Frank's dream except for the part where he gets eaten by Isabela. With time, Frank spends up all his fortune on Zombrex which he needs to survive, now heavily depressed and haunted by the Willamette incident. On the other side of the story, famous motocross racer Chuck Greene was entering in a tournament race to win the prize money for his wife Pam Greene and daughter Katey Greene. A sudden zombie outbreak occurs in Coyote Springs and the U.S. Military moves in fast for clean up, where reporter Rebecca Chang showed up for scooping. Soon, Frank arrives to meet Rebecca who's source Dr. Curnow of the Phenotrans Corporation was about to reveal a vile secret behind this outbreak but died when his cover is blown to his superiors at Phenotrans, who are seem to be responsible for all these sudden outbreaks all along.

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Terror Becomes Reality
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Outbreak in Las Vegas

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Dead Rising – Road to Fortune

Following the success of the beat 'em up survival horror video game Dead Rising (2006) and Dead Rising 2 (2010), Capcom has allied with IDW Publishing for a four-issue limited series titled, "Dead Rising - Road to Fortune" that came out in 2011. Written by Tom Waltz and drawn by artist Kenneth Loh, the comic book series served as a tie-in between the two installment of the franchise and bridges up the gaps in between. Also, several loose ends meet their long-expected conclusions and the peak into the lives of the series' protagonists, Frank West and Chuck Greene are explored in the plot with more added details.
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