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Aliens – Fire and Stone | Comics

In the year 2157, 35 years after warrant officer Ellen Ripley of Nostromo spaceship and her fellow crew members dealt with a Xenomorph incident aboard, Weyland-Yutani Corporation has set up Hadley's Hope, a terraforming and mining colony of 158 colonists on the surface of LV-426, AKA "Acheron". When an Alien outbreak occurred in 2179, no one actually believed they could survive the horrific carnage unleashed upon them. Engineer Derrick Russell gathered a small band of survivors to escape an impending massacre.

As those blood-thirsty monsters were slaughtering unfortunate colonists, with help from surveyor Nolan Cale and supervisor Genevieve Dione, they managed to hop onto a mining vessel Onager, headed to the nearest planet LV-223 but not before losing more men to those monsters. A few Aliens were able to sneak into their cargo containers without anyone ever noticing except Cale. Crews on board Onager finally made it to LV-223 with a shaky landing and the planetoid apparently has a breathable atmosphere now.

aliens fire and stone
Aliens – Fire and Stone | Comics

What they didn't know was about the Prometheus incident that took place on that lifeless rock long ago and how it was responsible for a new ecosystem.  Right after landing on that barren moon, Derrick tells a few men to open the cargo for supplies to send a distress beacon. Despite Cale's warning, no sooner had they opened the cargo hold, creatures hidden inside barged upon those poor survivors. Some of them are instantly decimated and others were forced to flee to nearby jungle leaving their supplies behind.

Surviving colonists set up camps, scavenge for foods and argue with each other on survival decisions while being chased by Aliens every now and then to meet their fate. Dione and Cale starts having issues over whether to constantly looking for safety or take an offensive stance but Russell decides to stay out of group affairs. While all of his comrades were falling prey to the Xenomorphs, Derrick managed to capture one of the probes mapping LV-223 that was previously left by geologist Sean Fifield, siphoning valuable data from it.

As the overrunning horrors were swiftly reducing their numbers, survival become a primary focus for everyone and no one paid him any attention. More debacles arise between self-appointed leader and death still followed them almost everywhere like their own shadow. He dives into researching the mutagenic Black Goo that mysteriously seeded life on this entire moon. Within a crashed ship, he would eventually discover an Engineer lying dormant in his stasis but can he survive until he finds the key of life?

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Stranded In Paradise

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Aliens – Fire and Stone 01

Aliens – Fire and Stone 02

Aliens – Fire and Stone 03

Aliens – Fire and Stone 04

Here is your links to buy "Aliens – Fire and Stone" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Aliens – Fire and Stone

As part of 2014's "Fire and Stone" crossover event from Dark Horse Comics, "Aliens – Fire and Stone" is a four-part limited series, serving as a tie-in story devised by comic-book writer Chris Roberson and illustrated by artist Patric Reynolds. Covers for the issues were delivered by artist David Palumbo (Alien Vs. Predator – Life and Death, Prometheus – Life and Death) with Fiona Staples (Saga, The Secret History of the Authority – Hawksmoor) providing a variant cover as well. Three other interconnected limited series; Prometheus – Fire and Stone, Alien Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone and Predator – Fire and Stone were published alongside this story arc.

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Deadly and Relentless

The story came before Alien: Isolation took place, directly revolves around the aftermath of both Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) live-action movies from 20th Century Fox. Hadley's Hope was established on LV-426 long after crews aboard Nostromo died battling an Alien executive officer Kane picked up as a facehugger from that very planetoid. In their desperate attempted escape, all survivors drop on LV-223 from same sector where USCSS Prometheus crews found their doom years before them. Only archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw and android David 8 made it out alive of that expedition.
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