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The October Faction | Comics

Years into the business of monster-hunting came to end for Frederick Allan when he chose to lead a life like any other normal folk. But if you spend a good chunk of your life-time playing a monster slayer then you cannot expect to have a normal life at all no matter how much you try. He now lectures on the concept of various fabled monsters and their origins to the students in a local university, which seems like a dull job compared to his old days as a hunter.

october faction comics
The October Faction | Comics

He has a small family of two children and a lovely wife, something about them is also not too ordinary either. While his teenage kids Geoff and Vivian are not only weird but they are more than eager to join their father’s path to the monster-hunting business.

That leaves Allan’s creepy spouse Deloris Allan, who is a forever thrill-killer, bored with her current status as the professor’s wife. His best friend and former partner Lucas is also around these days who left the job after he contacted an infection during a mission that turned him into a Werewolf.

A seemingly loose-knitted family of weirdos that Allan is a part of and trying to get along with after spending all those years apart from them. Suddenly they all are thrown into a troubled world, which is filled with old adversaries and strange apparitions from his past, all wanting to get a piece of Frederick Allan or his family at any cost. And let’s not forget the trusted Allan family house-keeper Saunders, who also is a bearer of oddness and witness to many uncanny family secrets.

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The October Family

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Here is your links to buy "The October Faction" comics from IDW Comics on Amazon.

The October Faction Vol 01

The October Faction Vol 02

Fan-favorite horror writer of modern days, Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre) starts a new venture of a crazy-family bound to the core by the glue of craziness, as a monthly ongoing series titled ‘The October Faction’. Fellow creator cum artist Damien Worm joins his endeavor by providing rough edged monochromatic illustrations that perfectly matched the gritty tone of the story.

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Monster Hunting Checklist

Previously worked mostly on various limited series, this is the first time Niles have taken a series to an ongoing status from the banner of IDW Publishing in which platform he previously worked and achieved groundbreaking success. So far, October Faction seems to be following up to that stream.
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