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I Hate Fairyland – Madly Ever After | Comics

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I Hate Fairyland – Madly Ever After
 | Comics
Like every other six-years-old kid of her age, Gertude always wanted to visit the amazing world of Fairyland and by luck, her wish gets fulfilled as she was sent there. But her entry to the land was rather painful than the happy and cheerful way that she expected all along as she landed on her face when she entered there. Queen Cloudia of the land then greets her to the kingdom and because of having such a near-death experience, a heavily bashed Gertude immediately requests her to send her back from where she came. But now that she has entered the Fairyland, she is a guest here and she can only go back if she can find the key to the door leads to home. A day worth of journey ahead of her, Gertude is then aided by a talking fly named Larry and a map for her quest.

However, the search for that special key took her 27 years in Fairyland and she became a violently hateful psychopath who developed a short temper. She was just expressing her frustration over the fact that they just passed something on the map and then instantly gets irritated at the Moon who was narrating the tale. Their conversation gets heated up and she blew up the moon with a cannon and the stars also met the same fate as the witnesses of the occurrence. The dead stars start falling over and Gertude’s increasing madness made Queen Cloudia worried because she is a guest here and cannot be killed. She goes on a rampage by eating the Mushroom Polices, visited Ice Cream Island, beheaded a Hunter and fighting a herd of Zombies while Cloudia plans to teach her a lesson for life.
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Rotting Faun Chopping
Here is your links for “I Hate Fairyland – Madly Ever After" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

I Hate Fairyland 01

I Hate Fairyland 02

I Hate Fairyland 03

I Hate Fairyland 04
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Sweet Fairyland Experience

I Hate Fairyland 05

Here is your links for “I Hate Fairyland – Madly Ever After" storyline from Image Comics.

I Hate Fairyland – Madly Ever After (Softcover)

I Hate Fairyland – Madly Ever After (Hardcover)

Madly Ever After” is the first chronological volume of the black comedy fantasy comic-book series titled, “I Hate Fairyland” by artist Skottie Young (New X-Men, Venom) from Image Comics, that came out in 2015. The story follows a six-year old girls’ journey into the never-ending Fairyland that drove her insane and clash with the established order. The book collects the first five issues of the hit-series with Young’s complementary visualization of the tale and mind-blowing color rendition by Nate Piekos.
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