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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hulk – Asunder | Comics

Separated from his alter ego Doctor Bruce Banner during the unpleasant skirmish of Fear Itself, the Hulk starts living into the depths of Subterranea now. On the surface world, he was always feared and he never really understood if he was a hero or a monster. Here, he fights the good fight with the dangerous creature and monster that come into his way. Free from Banner's persona, he is now Hulk forever and knows exactly what he is.

the incredible hulk
Hulk – Asunder | Comics

Down here, he lives with a moloid tribe who are celebrating the green goliath's presence among them. Even though the elder of the tribe assures Hulk an undisturbed stay in here, he is not quite convinced yet. The welcome party for Hulk is soon interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a secret government sponsored team with their robotic drones and drills to eliminate mad scientists, called the Mad Squad, led by Amanda Von Doom.

Amanda seeks out Hulk's assistance in their current mission and that is to stop the now unstable scientist Bruce Banner who has become a great problem for them. Bruce is restlessly trying to re-invent the Incredible Hulk, which he believes is one of his greatest achievements over the years, by experimenting on various creatures on the island laboratory and turning every type of animal into gamma-irradiated monsters, causing menace to the people around.

Amanda is on charge of the operation to take Banner down for good. Hulk shows no interest in her cause and turns her down. But later, when his newly found adoptive family of moloids is attacked by Banner's creatures; a bipedal gamma-irradiated warthog duo called 26 and 27, Hulk decides to help Amanda on one condition; to face Bruce Banner by himself and finish all of this madness for good.

A date with his wife Betty Ross goes sore when she finds out that Banner actually came to a deserted tropical island for his own research purpose. He started his work there which was a neuclear testing site from the 50's. When his continuous effort of bringing out the Hulk from within fails, Banner entertains the idea of creating the gamma-bomb that gave birth to the green goliath in the first place.

For more information on Incredible Hulk storyline, you can check out the link below.

Hulk – Asunder (Comics) Marvel Wikia

incredible hulk smash
The Strongest Beast There Is

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Hulk – Asunder (Hardcover)

"Asunder" is an eight part story arc that took place in the third volume of The Incredible Hulk comic series, published on 2011 by Marvel Comics. Jason Aaron (Avengers Vs. X-Men, Original Sin), one of Marvel's visionary writers created this plot along with two of the industry legend Marc Silvestri (The Darkness, Witchblade) and Whilce Portacio (Spawn, Uncanny X-Men), who fleshed out the Hulk impressively and have the story a higher standard.

hulk smash
Jaws of Gamma Sharks

This artified storyline took place during the “Shattered Heroes” crossover event and served as a tie-in. A new character named Amanda von Doom AKA Commander Doom is introduced, who by far is declared having no relationship with Doctor Doom. Aside from the primary focusing characters related to the arc, characters like She-Hulk, Red HulkRed She-HulkWolverine, Ghost Rider, Mad Thinker, Tinkerer, Red Ghost and Baron Zemo were either given reference or shown in photographs as a sort of cameo appearance.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hulk – Red Hulk | Comics

In the aftermath from destructive World War Hulk event occurred previously, a new chapter on Hulk's life has begun as Bruce Banner is now taken to custody and locked into Gamma Base. As some unusual activities are detected on the Canadian wilderness recently, a mysterious figure is detected approaching pretty fast and is attacked by Wendigo, who is viciously killed in battle and a major seismic activity is then detected on ground. What follows next is that, one of Hulk's strongest and most deadly arch-nemesis for years; The Abomination is mysteriously killed.

Everyone is shocked at the brutality of this murder after finding Emil Blonsky's deceased corpse in a village near Russia. Banner's close friend Doc Samson and cousin She-Hulk are sent to investigate the situation along with Maria Hill, General Ross and Iron Man; the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. There, they faced Russian superhero team Winter Guard on scene during their investigation. Both parties argued and in the heat of the situation, Samson hits Red Guardian, which prompts an instant hostility between She-Hulk and Ursa Major.

the incredible hulk
Hulk – Red Hulk | Comics

Seeing everyone else fighting each other, Crimson Dynamo feels cocky and starts shooting at Iron Man but Tony knocked him down with a repulsor blast. Fight escalates and argument arises while Ross decides to be a voice of reason. They apparently found a little girl who survived among the few other villagers and only said a word which means "Red". Ross and Samson head back to Gamma Base finding no other possible explanation for these bizarre happenings, to get an expert opinion from none other than Bruce Banner.

Meanwhile, Banner's long-time ally Rick Jones suddenly wakes up and finds himself on the Alaskan Frontier without a memory of what happened with him. Then the new Helicarrier of S.H.I.E.L.D. is suddenly attacked and destroyed by some unforeseen force, while all classified files on Hulk are also erased by a virus. It grabbed She-Hulk before she could even move and then easily knocked her out cold. This mysterious entity is revealed itself to be a Hulk but only in "Red" and he is headed straight to Gamma Base. Looking for Banner, Rick Jones arrives at Gamma Base only to be confronted by Red-Hulk.

Rick then transforms into a Hulk-like creature as well but his appearance is more resembled to Abomination, calling himself A-Bomb. A clash between him and Red Hulk shook the place to its core and caused Bruce Banner to turn into Hulk as his containment unit tries to force sleep by using gas. Finally, actual green Hulk decides to face "Red" and it's time for some major collateral damage on the face of Earth. Even Uatu the Watcher showed up to witness this fight and got punched on his face by the Red Menace. Also, The Mighty Thor returns to Midgard for stopping the rampage of both Hulks.

a-bomb hulk
Red Hulk vs A-Bomb

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Hulk V2 04

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Hulk V2 06

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Hulk – Red Hulk (Softcover)

Hulk – Red Hulk (Hardcover)

Renowned comic-book writer Jeph Loeb (Cable, Daredevil – Yellow) and artist Ed McGuinness (Avengers – X-Sanction, Deadpool) are long time collaborator who did some famous work together and teamed up again to create the next level storyline for the green goliath on 2008 and the storyline is published by Marvel Comics during the post World War Hulk event. The storyline titled “Hulk – Red Hulk” ran in the second volume of Hulk from issues #01-06 and introduced a new character named Red Hulk who made his first appearance in the first issue of the story.

hulk vs thor
Rolling Thunder

We see the demise of long-time S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Clay Quartermain and heroes of the likes of Ares, Human Torch, Sub-Mariner and The Thing assembled for a final showdown against the Red Hulk. A recently reborn Thor (Thor – Rebirth) has also made a short-appearance to go against the dreadful menace that has been taking every other Joe who could make a muscle. The identity of this new character is still kept under wraps as it looks like Marvel is going to use his incognito status in a few more stories to build around the character.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2003

The Incredible Hulk | Comics

While trying to save a teenager named Rick Jones, who accidentally intruded onto the restricted testing field of a gamma bomb, scientist Robert Bruce Banner got exposed to the blast. He however, survived the incident but absorbed massive amount of gamma radiation that instantly showed no effects on him. Later, when he wakes up in the infirmary, he turned into a monstrous figure, that is later dubbed “Hulk” by the media.

When relapsed into his old form he is transferred back to his Banner-self. The Hulk is treated as a menace in general over the years but even if he has caused wreckage and havoc across the country, this jolly green giant actually saved many lives from various catastrophes in years that were nearly impossible to repeal without him. Despite having a genius-level intellect, Banner/Hulk is always viewed as a threat to others, while they still try to save the puny humans.

Banner's father Brian was an atomic physicist and very abusive towards his wife Rebecca, who loved baby Bruce. Brian never liked his son and being an alcoholic, he used to beat up Bruce often. When a mentally unstable Brian murdered Rebecca, Bruce's life went upside down and his aunt Susan Banner decided to raise the boy. Bruce grew up to be a child-prodigy and met Tony Stark during his time at Oxford University.

the incredible hulk
The Incredible Hulk | Comics

Hulk: Gray
Banner grew interest in nuclear physics but due to lack of fund, he joined a United States Defense Department nuclear research facility. There he met General "Thunderbolt" Ross for the first time as he was in charge of designing a "Gamma Bomb". Bruce also met his daughter Betty Ross, who would become his love interest and these two would eventually marry. During the bomb-test, Banner saw a teenager named Rick Jones entering the test area and while trying to save the boy, he caught in the middle of the blast.

In spite of absorbing massive radiation waves, he didn't die but he transformed into a humongous, bulky humanoid being and he was gray. Dubbed as "The Hulk" by people who saw him in this form, Banner received incredible physical strength and retained some of the memories of his human-form. The military panicked and Ross send his men after Hulk when he showed up at Betty's doorstep. This eventually led to an early confrontation with Iron Man and wasn't a pleasant experience for the Golden Avenger.

Occasionally, his ally Rick Jones was able to calm Hulk down and thus, reverting back to Banner. He stopped the Circus of Crime and then fought Tyrannus to save Betty from his clutches. In a misunderstanding, Hulk came face to face with the Fantastic Four and this encounter eventually led to his clash with The Thing. Here, a rivalry among two titans is born that is going to continue for many years to come. It was around this time, when he also came across The Sentry, who was somehow able to tame down Hulk.

Avengers Assemble
The Asgardian God of Mischief; Loki made Hulk into his pawn by creating a scene where his brother Thor engages the green goliath. He was almost successful until his plan is foiled by the join forces of the two he pitted against each other, along with Iron Man, Ant-Man and The Wasp. Following this adventure, they quickly formed a team, starts calling themselves The Avengers and even went up against Doctor Doom. But just as always, Hulk quits the team after feeling that his teammates do not trust him.

Hulk befriends the Sub-Mariner and got a rematch with The Thing. Spider-Man would come across Hulk while trying to deal with The Enforcers sent by the Green Goblin. The gamma-powered genius individual known as The Leader sends Chameleon to the Gamma Base to steal valuable data and this made General Ross suspect Banner as a spy. He turned into Hulk to fend off the humanoids sent by The Leader but then remained a prisoner until Rick Jones revealed his dual-identity, earning him a pardon from the President.

Thinking Banner as dead, Rick Jones revealed his identity to Betty Ross, General Ross and Lt. Glenn Talbot. Hulk then briefly entangled with the Olympian superhero Hercules, ruler of the underground, the Mole Man and the second-string villain Boomerang. Hulk attempted to end his own life but got captured by Talbot and was forced to fight former spy Emil Blonsky, who turned into a mutated monster called The Abomination, one of Hulk's arch-enemy for life.

In order to send him to space, the Hulk approached the Silver Surfer but soon is captured by the High Evolutionary to amplify his mutations, so that the jade giant can be the leader of his mutated New Men. The Puppet Master tried to control him but that led into a battle with the Sub-Mariner, destroying the base of the villain. Loki tricked him again by sending him to Asgard, where Hulk fought the Warriors Three, Executioner and Troll armies before being banished into space by Odin himself.

A newly-reformed Rhino went after Hulk only to be put down. Captain America took an injured Rick Jones with him to become the new Bucky after he suffered an injury from Hulk. His continuing adventure made him cross paths with heroes and villains like Absorbing Man, Black Bolt, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, The Enchantress, Fin Fang Foom, The Inhumans, Kang the Conqueror, Ka-Zar, Mandarin, Maximus, Sandman and the X-Men.

Psychiatrist Leonard Samson came up with a solution of curing Banner and restoring her wife back to health. However, he absorbed considerable amount of gamma radiation and became mutated but somehow, his human looks were retained. Afterwards, a brief romance between Samson and Betty drove Banner crazy and he turned into the green rage monster to fight Doc Samson. Though this skirmish would later resolve and Banner would become a very good friend with Samson.

The Defenders
In order to save Earth from the sinister plan of Yandroth, Doctor Strange assembles Hulk, Silver Surfer and Sub-Mariner to battle the villain and they would become The Defenders. Despite being a founding member, he leaves and returns to join the team time to time when extinction-level threats emerges. He even fought the dreaded Dormammu of the Dark Dimension once with his allies.

Project: Greenskin was formed by the US military, a secret facility run by General Ross to capture Hulk. He wished to return to K'ai, so that he could reunite with Jarella and seeks Ant Man's help to shrink himself. The Hulkbuster unit managed to capture Hulk and stand trial but Reed Richards bailed him out of death sentence by offering to cure him. In the end, he managed to reach K'ai, helped Jarella take down the sinister Visis and then returned to Earth as Pym's formula wore off.

Banner's beloved cousin Jennifer Walters was a lawyer and working on a case involving Nicholas Trask. She ended up getting shot by one of Trask's men and to save her life, Banner gave her a blood transfusion, which mutated Jennifer and turned her into the She-Hulk. Doc Samson attempted to capture Banner to separate the Hulk persona from the human form but unfortunately, the result went sore when the latter gone more berserk.

Hulk Vs. Wolverine
As Hulk was rampaging through the Canadian wilderness, the Weapon X program sent their newly recruited operative Wolverine to face him after they have bonded him with the indestructible metal, Adamantium. Wolverine fought both Hulk and Wendigo, giving them a run for their money but ultimately, he was subdued by an enraged green monster who left behind his beaten body, unaware of his healing factor and Logan goes back to report to Department H and join Alpha Flight.

Future Imperfect
Rick Jones' granddaughter Janis transported Hulk to a dystopian future, where an alternate version of Bruce Banner called The Maestro ruled supreme. None of the World's greatest heroes were alive anymore to oppose Maestro's tyrant rule and in this post-nuclear war era, he was twice as strong as Hulk. Unable to defeat this madman at brute strength, Hulk sends Maestro back in time to the moment of gamma bomb explosion that created him.

Onslaught Saga
When Professor X tried to shut-down Magneto, his consciousness merged with Eric's have created a powerful psionic being who calls himself Onslaught. Cable and Storm fought a mind-controlled Hulk to help him shake-off Onslaught's influence. When he destroyed Onslaught's physical body, Banner was separated and eventually sacrificed himself along with other heroes to eradicate this menace. A wandering Savage Hulk was captured by the eternal mutant Apocalypse and transformed into his Horseman of War to fight Absorbing Man and Juggernaut.

Heroes Return
It was later revealed that none of the heroes actually perished during the Onslaught incident and in fact was transported to a pocket dimension of Franklin Richards' creation called the Counter-Earth. There the heroes stayed for nearly a year and then brought back to Earth-616 reality while Hulk was giving a tough time to Doc Samson, Hercules, Spider-Man and Thunderbolts in New York City until Banner was merged back with the behemoth.

Death of Betty Ross
Betty was dying due to gamma radiation poisoning that she received during her time with Bruce and he tried to save her through a blood transfusion. However, she died anyway and it was the Abomination who were responsible to switch his blood with Banner's, driving him insane. Later, it was The Watcher who revealed the truth to Hulk but in spite of wanting to take revenge on Blonsky, he told General Ross that they both are responsible for her death.

Dogs of War
Banner was losing his grip on reality and made a deal with his inner persona of Green Hulk, Gray Hulk and Professor Hulk to fight his inner demon. General John Ryker came looking for Hulk so that he can capture and study him in order to save his beloved wife Lucy Ryker from cancer. Ryker experimented on many poor subjects and turning them into hideous Hulk-like creatures but when General Ross exposed him to Lucy, she despised his actions.

Planet Hulk
Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. asks Banner to help him take down a Hydra space weapon called Godseye, which actually was a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. weapon. Godseye was destroyed and the shuttle sent to retrieve Hulk was redirected to a remote planet devoid of life forms by heroes of The Illuminati. Due to a navigation error, he ended up on planet Sakaar, become captured and forced to participate in gladiator matches for the malevolent Red King.

He quickly gained a fan-following in the arena as well as his own rebel team, the Warbound who stood against the ways of Red King. Upon overthrowing the tyrant, Hulk became the Green King and made Red King's former bodyguard Caiera Oldstrong his queen. They married and Caiera became pregnant with his child but she and everyone else on the planet dies when the warp core of the shuttle that brought Hulk on Sakaar exploded.

World War Hulk
Holding The Illuminati responsible for the death and destruction on Sakaar, Hulk decides to exact his revenge on his former friends. He captured Black Bolt, Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Mister Fantastic after fighting them. Then after turning Madison Square Garden into a gladiatorial arena, Hulk forced them to fight each other. The Sentry arrived to play God and these two mighty opponents throw everything they had at each other till they revert back to their human forms.

Red Hulk
Bruce Banner is taken into custody at Gamma Base, while reports of another Hulk rampaging starts popping up and The Abomination was found dead. Calling himself as Red Hulk, this fellow has taken down Rick Jones as a Hulk-like creature A-Bomb, Iron Man, She-Hulk and Thor. Banner was freed to confront this new menace and he too is defeated the first time. In their second encounter, Hulk managed to beat down Red Hulk but yet, his identity remained a secret.

Defenders Vs. Offenders
When the Grandmaster and the Collector decided to have a game of two teams of their choosing, the former chose Hulk and he picks his Defenders allies Doctor Strange, Namor and Silver Surfer, whereas Red Hulk was joined by Baron Mordo, Terrax and Tiger Shark in the opposing side, calling themselves the Offenders. The result of the fight was devastating as most of them died and resurrected and Hulk left heartbroken in the end as he failed to bring back his love Jarella to life.

Fear Itself
During the rise of The Serpent, Hulk picked up one of the seven divine hammers that fell from the sky and become Nul, Breaker of Worlds. New Avengers member Ms. Marvel engages Nul during his rampage on Brazil, while Hawkeye, Protector and Spider-Woman were either busy distracting him or saving people. He and a possessed Thing, now Angrir, faced Thor into battle and Hulk was thrown into orbit. He landed on Dracula's territory and fought his legion of undead soldiers.

With help from Doctor Doom, Banner's persona was transferred into a cloned body and Hulk roamed free. He moved to the underground society of the Moloids but a mentally unstable Bruce Banner keep experimenting to re-create Hulk and thus, creating an army of gamma-mutated animals in an abandoned nuclear testing site. Commander Amanda von Doom of the Mad Squad seeks Hulk's aid in taking down Banner for good.

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hulk vs fantastic four
Hulk Battles Fantastic Four

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The Incredible Hulk was first published in 1962 by Marvel Comics, created by Stan Lee (Daredevil, Iron Man) and Jack Kirby (Black Panther, Eternals). The character and his alter ego; Bruce Banner often displays the psychological complex of fear, anger and the fear of anger due to years of abuse he has undergone from many people around him, mostly from his biological father Brian Banner. During all these years, the Hulk has also gone through various transformations that led him into taking different persona as well.

marvel comics hulk
The Green Rage Monster

Hulk has also been a member of The Avengers, New Avengers, Defenders, Secret Defenders, Horsemen of Apocalypse, Hulkbusters, The Mighty Avengers, The Order, Pantheon, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Warbound (Planet Hulk and World War Hulk) for some time over the years. The popularity of the character has result in live-action movies like Hulk (2000) and the character also appeared in the blockbuster movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe; The Incredible Hulk (2005), portrayed by actor Edward Norton. After Norton abandons the character, Mark Ruffalo took over the role for The Avengers (2012), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) and Thor: Ragnarok (2017).
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