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Monday, July 1, 2013

Fear Itself | Comics

fear itself marvel
Fear Itself | Comics
The Red Skull and his followers performed a ritual of blood-sacrifice decades ago, during World War II, to resurrect the Asgardian god of fear, The Serpent. His ritual caused the Hammer of Skadi to fall on Earth but even after locating the hammer, he was unable to lift it. In recent days Red Skull's daughter Sin finds it and becomes The Skadi, Herald of the Serpent upon lifting it. The Serpent is freed from his underwater imprisonment and seven divine hammers falls on Earth's various locations. Tony Stark offers help from his company, Stark Resilient to re-construct Asgard, after the demolition caused in "Siege" but on Serpent's return, Odin draws back his men from Earth.

The Serpent actually is Odin's brother Cul, who was defeated by him ages ago for his corrupt rule after their father's death. Soon those seven divine hammers come into contact with the villain Absorbing Man, Attuma, Grey Gargoyle, Hulk, Juggernaut, Titania and The Thing of the Fantastic Four, turning them into Serpent's generals. With the newly gained divine power and in its mystic influence, they start creating havoc around the globe on behalf of their Dark Master. The Avengers and Thor opposes The Skadi and the other generals of The Serpent with everything they got but even after everyone’s best effort, The Serpent is not stalled a bit. Spider-Man, Black Widow, Iron Fist, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Red She-Hulk and Doctor Strange are assembled to make a final stand against The Serpent and his generals.

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fear itself comics
The Serpent's War
Here is your links for “Fear Itself” limited series from Marvel Comics in issues.

Fear Itself 01

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Fear Itself 07.1

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Fear Itself 07.3

Here is your links for “Fear Itself” limited series from Marvel Comics.
fear itself avengers
Last Stand Against Worthies

Fear Itself (Softcover)

Fear Itself (Hardcover)

In 2011, Marvel Comics published a major crossover comic event titled "Fear Itself" by writer Matt Fraction (Satellite Sam, Sex Criminals), who composed the main plot for the event and artist Stuart Immonen (All-New Captain America – Hydra Ascendant, Ultimate Fantastic Four – Doom) delivered the illustrations. Numerous tie-in books were released to fill the gaps of the arc of this seven issue limited series as the likes of The Mighty Thor, The Invincible Iron Man, Avengers, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Avengers Academy, Thunderbolts, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Uncanny X-Men, New Mutants, Uncanny X-Force, Wolverine, Ghost Rider and Deadpool. It is the second event after "Civil War" which is inspired by the real world, through the main story was formed centering on the fables of Asgard.
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

X-Men – Messiah CompleX | Comics

messiah complex x-men
X-Men – Messiah CompleX | Comics
Mutant population has been drastically reduced and the remaining Mutants are left de-powered after the "House of M" event caused by a mentally unstable Scarlet Witch. She had flattened the slim chances of any mutant population to the future. However, recently a new mutant activation is detected in Alaska by Professor Xavier and Beast. Cyclops reaches the spot with the X-Men, only to find out a few lifeless bodies of The Marauders and The Purifiers, assuming they had reached here first and had a fight for the possession of the new born. Cyclops sent the team of Wolverine, Storm, Angel, Colossus and Nightcrawler to look for Marauders and Predator X is also seen looking for the baby and devouring the dead corpses of The Marauders.

Julio Richter AKA Rictor has joined the ranks of Purifiers to investigate and act as a double-agent for Cyclops, discovering that they don't have the baby yet but they have Lady Deathstrike in their team. Soon the team of New X-Men attacks The Purifiers and these two team battles with Lady Deathstrike initially taking down both X-23 and Rockslide. The X-Men engaged in a full-scale battle with Mister Sinister’s group of Marauders consisting Apocalypse's former Horsemen of DeathGambit, Sunfire, Scalphunter, Lady Mastermind, Omega SentinelVertigo and many other bad guys on Sinister’s Antarctic base. Finally it is revealed by Wolverine that Cable actually has the baby in his care, but a time travelling Bishop is after the baby too for his own reasons.

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messiah complex comics
Battle For Messiah Custody
Here is your links for "X-Men – Messiah CompleX" crossover event from Marvel Comics in issues.

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06. Uncanny X-Men 493

07. X-Factor V3 26

08. New X-Men V2 45

09. X-Men V2 206

10. Uncanny X-Men 494

11. X-Factor V3 27

12. New X-Men V2 46

13. X-Men V2 207

14. X-Men - Messiah Complex – Mutant Files

15. Marvel Spotlight – X-Men – Messiah Complex

cable marvel comics
Cable With Baby Messiah
Here is your links for "X-Men – Messiah CompleX" crossover event from Marvel Comics.

X-Men – Messiah CompleX (Softcover)

X-Men – Messiah CompleX (Hardcover)

"Messiah CompleX" is a Marvel Comics crossover event that ran from 2007-08, from right after the "X-Men - Blinded by the Light" storyline and followed from the "Endangered Species" event. Writer Mike Carey (X-Men – Manifest Destiny, X-Men – Supernovas), Ed Brubaker (Captain America – Reborn, Steve Rogers – Super-Soldier), Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle drafted parts of this event in various X-Titles. Artist Chris Bachalo (Generation X, Uncanny X-Men), Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man), Marc Silvestri (Cyberforce, The Darkness) and Billy Tan (New Avengers, Shadowland) took turns on the total drawing responsibilities. It is the first part to the two later parts of the "Messiah War" and "Second Coming" crossover.
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Monday, October 27, 2003

Iron Fist | Comics

Daniel Rand is the son of businessman Wendell Rand, who had a link to the mystic realm of K'un-Lun and lost his parents as a child in accident. Danny was taken back to K'un-Lun and received extensive martial art training under the tutelage of Lei Kung the Thunderer, to eventually gain the power of Iron Fist by defeating the serpent called Shou-Lao the Undying.

As Iron Fist, he fought Sabretooth before joining Heroes For Hire with Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Shang-Chi, Jack of Hearts and White Tiger. His inheritance of Rand-Meachum, Inc. made him pretty rich but he chose to fight crime teaming up with Luke Cage; the Power Man. Following Onslaught Saga, the departure of many heroes caused Danny to recruit Namor, the Sub-Mariner to expand his team.

iron fist marvel
Iron Fist | Comics

With feral mutant Wolverine and few of The Avengers, he fought against The Hand and then assisted Black Panther in saving the life of his U.S. State Department handler, Everett K. Ross from the Black Dragon afterwards.

Sometime later, Iron Fist confronted Cable and Deadpool while working with Cage. Danny put on Daredevil's costume to protect his civilian identity and supported Captain America in Civil War, opposing Iron Man. Danny joined the New Avengers team, sheltered by Doctor Strange in his Sanctum Sanctorum.

He fought alongside fellow heroes in the crisis of World War Hulk and Secret Invasion before Norman Osborn forcibly abducted him to join Thunderbolts. In Serpent's War, he and Spider-Man took down Thor's clone, Ragnarok.

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iron fist new avengers
Dragon Plays With Fire

Here is your links to buy "Iron Fist" comics from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Marvel Masterworks – Iron Fist Vol 01

Iron Fist Epic Collection – The Fury of Iron Fist

Essential Iron Fist Vol 01

Daredevil – Marked For Death

Essential Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 01

Daredevil by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson Omnibus

Essential Power Man and Iron Fist Vol 02

Secret Wars II Omnibus

Marvel Masters – The Tales of Kurt Busiek

Daredevil Ultimate Collection 01

Daredevil Vol 03

Daredevil Vol 04

Secret War

Marvel Super Hero Team-Up

Daredevil Vol 06

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 01 – The Last Iron Fist Story (Softcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 01 – The Last Iron Fist Story (Hardcover)

mmortal Iron Fist, Vol. 2: The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 02 – The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven (Hardcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Omnibus

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 03 – The Book of The Iron Fist (Softcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 03 – The Book of The Iron Fist (Hardcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 04 – The Mortal Iron Fist (Softcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 04 – The Mortal Iron Fist (Hardcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 05 – Escape from The Eighth City (Softcover)

Immortal Iron Fist Vol 05 – Escape from The Eighth City (Hardcover)

Daredevil by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark Omnibus Vol 02

Immortal Weapons

Daredevil – Shadowland (Softcover)

Daredevil – Shadowland (Hardcover)

Power Man and Iron Fist – The Comedy of Death

Avengers – We Are The Avengers

Heroes For Hire – Control

Avengers – Fear Itself

Avengers Vs. X-Men

Iron Fist – The Living Weapon Vol 01 – Rage

Iron Fist – The Living Weapon Vol 02 – Redemption

Iron Fist – The Living Weapon – The Complete Collection

Power Man and Iron Fist – The Boys are Back in Town

A fictional Marvel Comics character that debuted in 1974, on the pages of Marvel Premiere issue #15, Danny Rand/Iron Fist was co-created by Roy Thomas (Black Knight, Captain Marvel), Gil Kane (Conan the Barbarian, John Carter; Warlord of Mars) and Bill Everett.

power man and iron fist comic
Power Man and Iron Fist

He become a hero of his own right and over the years, allied with many of the superhero community from the Marvel Universe and became an honorary member of many groups like Defenders, Immortal Weapons, Secret Avengers, Secret Defenders and The Mighty, while partaking in events like Secret Wars II, Secret War, Dark Reign, Shadowland and Avengers Vs. X-Men.

In other media, Iron Fist has appeared on Season 2 of The Avengers – Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-Man animated TV series. The live-action version of the character is portrayed by actor Finn Jones in Marvel's Iron Fist (2017) and Marvel's The Defenders (2017), developed as Netflix series.
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