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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Superman/Tarzan – Sons of the Jungle | Comics

In a calm moon lit night on an Eastern African bay, a vessel named “Fuwalda” fell under a sudden revolt by a bunch of merciless crew to take control of the ship, who massacred all the passengers but two. Lord John Greystoke and his then pregnant wife Alice was however spared by them, who later gave birth to a healthy boy named John Greystoke, who is to be the next Lord from the aristocratic line of Greystoke-Family.

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Superman/Tarzan – Sons of the Jungle | Comics

On that same night a giant meteor fell from the sky onto the nearest forest site. The meteor was actually a space-pod, carrying the last sole survivor Kal-El, of the now doomed planet Krypton. Kal-El was found by the ape Kerchak, who was going to give up the boy for not being one of them but his wife Kala adopted him and named him Argo-Zan. Kal-El grew up among the apes as Argo-Zan and became the mighty Lord of the Apes. After being gravely injured by a Leopard, Kala reveals to Argo-Zan about him being from sky before taking her last breath and he eventually finds the ship that brought him here.

On the other hand, in England, John Greystoke was very dissatisfied with all his fortune and privileges from an aristocratic background and realized the presence of a large void in his life, which is without any exciting purpose to follow. Finally, these two heroes met at the lost city of Opar opposing the challenge that will change their paths forever. Not only they have to save Lois Lane and Jane Clayton from danger, they also needs to survive from the sinister seductress, La, possessing a certain meteorite that may be lethal to Kal-El.

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Lost City of Opar

Here is your links to buy “Superman/Tarzan – Sons of the Jungle" from Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics in issues on Amazon.

Superman/Tarzan – Sons of the Jungle 01

Superman/Tarzan – Sons of the Jungle 02

Superman/Tarzan – Sons of the Jungle 03

Here is your links to buy “Superman/Tarzan – Sons of the Jungle" from Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics on Amazon.

Superman/Tarzan – Sons of the Jungle

Set on one of Elseworld's visionary ground, "Superman/Tarzan – Sons of the Jungle" is a three part inter-company crossover limited series story that was published in a joint venture by DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics in 2001.

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Towards True Destiny

This tale was devised by writer Chuck Dixon (Batgirl – Year One, Superman/Aliens II – God War), with manga styled illustrations provided by artist Carlos Meglia (Star Wars – Underworld). Guest-artist Humberto Ramos (Kookaburra K, Revelations) also did magnificent covers for all three issues of this crossover series. This fantastic Elseworlds story is an experimental take for the fans of any one of these two heroes or both.
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