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Thanos – Thanos Returns | Comics

On the Outer Rim of space, Black Quadrant used to be ruled by the mad Titan, Thanos and members of his Black Order. Now, that they all lack a master to follow, Corvus Glaive took control over the quadrant and claimed the throne that once belonged to his dreaded master. Many have bowed to him and Black Order has grew under his command, until the day of reckoning finally came at his doorstep.

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Thanos – Thanos Returns | Comics

The Mad Titan has finally returned to claim his rightful throne and as he was opposed by many, he left death and destruction on his path behind. When Thanos confronts Corvus Glaive, the latter took a futile last stand against his master. Pitying at his pathetic nature, Thanos gives Glaive the option of killing himself or be killed by his master's hand.

Meanwhile, the self proclaimed Champion of the Universe, Tryco Slatterus visits an undisclosed space station to recruit Thanos' brother Starfox on behalf of his Inhuman nephew Thane. Back at the Black Quadrant, Corvus Glaive meets his fate and then Thanos sits on his throne. At the moon of Titan, Lady Death approaches Thane. She reveals that his god-like father is already dying, so it will not be hard to kill him. Tryco and Starfox then recruits Nebula to their noble cause.

Looking for a means to save his own life, Thanos wipes out the populace of Nulla when they failed to cure him. Then he approached his father A'Lars AKA Mentor for help on Gilgrath of Shi'ar Galaxy. When this one lead to another dead end, Thanos finds himself up against the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Though he is weaker than usual, Thanos still packs some serious punches and gave the Imperial Guard a tough time. If all will fall, the Majestor Gladiator of the Shi'ar Empire will see him personally.

Even if he manages to withstand them all, can he finally hold himself up against his own son and his new gang? And what secret Thane is not telling to his teammates before they prepare to meet Terrax the Tamer?

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Galaxy's Most Feared

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Here is your links to buy “Thanos – Thanos Returns" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

Thanos – Thanos Returns

Lately, The Mad Titan of Marvel is not having a pleasant time as he  had to ally himself with lesser beings to form The Cabal, experienced being killed by Doctor Doom at Battleworld on Secret Wars. Then he was held captive on Earth during Civil War II and gets his ass handed to him by the Guardians of the Galaxy (Grounded). However, he is trying to back again with help from writer Jeff Lemire (Essex County, Justice League Dark) and artist Mike Deodato Jr. (New Avengers, Secret Avengers) in this new storyline that marks his return.

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Death Becomes His Son

The arc titled "Thanos Returns" contains issues #01-06 of the second monthly ongoing volume of Thanos comics series from Marvel Comics. This is a new take at Thanos's character that is something we have seen before and the aftermath of this story will lead to the next one, which is even more spectacular as the universe is possibly getting another new threat to tackle for survival.
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