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Batman – New 52 | Comics

Bruce Wayne of Gotham City is the alter ego of the creature of night recognized as crime-fighting superhero Batman, who also goes by as The Dark Knight, a legendary protector of the crime-ridden city to many. His parents Thomas and Martha Wayne were both among the prestigious citizens of Gotham who tried their best to help people in any situation and was aided by trusty Wayne Family butler, Jarvis Pennyworth. His son Alfred Pennyworth was meant to stay out of all Wayne family internal affairs but he eventually gets involved.

Bruce’s parents were shot dead by a mugger named Joe Chill one night on their way home from Monarch Theater as they were all returning home after watching The Mark of Zorro movie. Greatly shocked at this grave personal loss, Bruce even starts taking electroshock therapy trying to erase the memory of this tragedy but later decided to use it as a fuel. Using his connection with Erin McKillen, he tracked down Joe Chill only to learn that he was actually after the money and did not kill his parents for any other reason.

He then went into a long departure to efficiently learn the art of waging war from across the globe for most of his adolescent years, which includes performances like stunt-driving and pi-fighting. He even took extensive training on martial arts and sword-fighting, wandering around the globe looking for anyone who could teach him a new form of combating. In Himalayas, he trained for three years to fight with a katana under the tutelage of Shihan Matsuda, who advises him to letting go of emotions and embracing his darkness.

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Batman – New 52 | Comics

Zero Year
Upon returning to Gotham, he came to learn of a notorious Red Hood Gang and engages them with a very little success firsthand before finally donning his cape and cowl. Though he managed to foil several of their plans, Bruce remained under the grid for a long time while secretly operating his vigilante activities. Meanwhile, his uncle Philip Kane handled all business affairs of Wayne Enterprises and eventually fell pawn to the Red Hood Gang. When they were sent to kill him after being tipped by the yet to be Riddler, Edward Nygma, Bruce realizes that he should embrace his fear instead of running from it.

Secret City
Taking inspiration from his father's bust statue and a bat that broke into Wayne Manor after he was savagely beaten and reduced to a bloody pulp, Bruce turned around to fight back again with help from his trusty butler Alfred Pennyworth, who nursed him back to health. Upon debuting in Gotham as Batman for the first time, he successfully stopped a plot in motion by Red Hood Gang. As their leader Red Hood One was given a chase during his escape attempt, he ended up jumping into a vat of chemicals at ACE Chemical.

Though he was initially announced vigilante by then Commissioner Loeb when he made his public debut as crime-fighter Batman, Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox supported him in his holy crusade by totally confiding in him from start, along with his Bat-Family consisting of Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Red Robin, whom he recruited throughout the years. In the mean time, criminal mastermind extraordinaire Edward Nygma have been planning towards and then plunged the entire city into darkness with an EMP charge.

Dark City
This criminal mastermind became a real challenge for citizens to handle as the caped crusader also went missing all of a sudden and for months, Nygma kept challenging folks of the city to defeat him with a riddle, resulting all of them to fail and die. Bruce eventually made his comeback after a while and with no tech and gear around, he managed to contact his closest ally Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox to fight this crisis upon their city. Together, they all worked as a team till he finally encountered Nygma face to face, who now calls himself The Riddler for one final battle of wits that the latter never thought of losing.

Justice League: Origin
Following an alien invasion on Earth by Parademon armies of planet Apokolips, Batman teamed up with a newly found group of super-powered individuals like Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Superman, The Flash and Wonder Woman to form Justice League to save the world from impending threats of invading Parademons, who were abducting people of Earth to a portal they came through. The seven valiant heroes then formed a resistance of their own and Bruce went after a captured Man of Steel too bring him back and for him to finally face the evil god Darkseid in one final encounter to save Earth.

The War of Jokes and Riddles
His arch-rival Red Hood One would resurface shortly after the events of Zero Year and take an alias of The Joker. He made a comeback by trying to poison the Gotham water supply and then focused on homicide. Riddler also breaks out of prison after a year and engaged in a war against the clown where both parties were recruiting bad-guys to their fold. Gotham became a war-zone and Batman chose to side with Nygma to stop Joker's forces. Edward coordinated the whole mess to find out how to make Joker laugh again and a furious Dark Knight attempts the unthinkable only to be stopped by the most unexpected person.

The Court of Owls
Bruce Wayne was planning to re-invent Gotham City and then suddenly, GCPD started to find corpse with warning for his life and a hint to the legend of the Court of Owls. Thinking of it as a myth, Bruce ignores the warnings and during a meeting with his business partner Lincoln March, he was attacked by one of the Talon assassin sent by the Court. His investigation took him to a darker part of Gotham and he got trapped in an underground labyrinth with a Talon assassin, who tortured him to his limits where he begged for death. Using his indomitable will, he barely fends them off till he managed to escape.

Night of the Owls
The Court of Owls decided to raise all of their undead Talon army from sleep to kill the Bat and then take control over Gotham. A still-recovering Bruce is attacked at his home by dozens of Talon assassins, whom he eventually took down in a giant Robot-Suit with help from Alfred. Batman discovers an ancient history of The Court on Gotham before the time of his ancestors. Tracking back to their hideout, he discovers all of their members dead, thanks to Lincoln March. March was taken in by The Court at a very young age and he believes that he is Bruce's younger brother Thomas Wayne, Jr. (City of the Owls).

Death of the Family
After going into hiding for a whole year, The Joker suddenly showed up one night on GCPD HQ to collect his peeled face which he had previously extracted by the maniacal serial killer Dollmaker and pinned to his cell (Faces of Death). Learning of his greatest enemy has returned to terrorize Gotham once again, Batman quickly alerts his entire Bat-Family about the clown coming back. The lunatic starts re-creating his past endeavors formerly doomed by The Dark Knight and even kidnaps an unwilling Harley Quinn from Belle Reve to assist him distract The Bat while he kidnaps Alfred from Wayne Manor.

One by one, The Joker abducts Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Red Robin to deliver a final punch line to his arch nemesis, while suggesting of having knowledge of their secret identity as well. The madness took Batman to face many horrors at Arkham Asylum where he was forced to go through many twisted obstacles and make toughest decisions before finally being confronted by his enemy Penguin, The Riddler and Two-Face to stand a mock-trial. Then the madman invaded into the depths of Batcave, where he delivered the final joke during their confrontation before jumping from a cliff to an unknown fate.

In a conflict with his former love and Daughter of the Demon; Talia al Ghul when she attempted to take over Gotham with the League of Assassins, The Dark Knight is stuck in a death trap as he was in the guise of Matches Malone and needed Damian to help him. Against his wishes, Alfred let a grounded Damian go to aid his father and join the fight but even though he fought well, he is impaled by Leviathan's henchman the Heretic as the latter was a better opponent. Talia finished the Heretic off for insubordination and failing to comply, while Batman goes through the five stages of grief for losing his son.

Forever Evil
During the Crime Syndicate's emergence on Prime Earth, only Batman and Catwoman managed to escape imprisonment along with a critically injured Cyborg. Nightwing is being held captive by the Syndicate and his secret identity is revealed to the entire world. With Black Adam, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Deathstroke, Subject B-Zero and Sinestro at his side, criminal mastermind Lex Luthor forms an Injustice League that came in terms to work with Bat and Cat to save the day by freeing the Justice League from their imprisonment inside Firestorm Matrix and defeating the Syndicate afterwards.

Robin Rises
Batman embarks upon a journey to find out Ra's al Ghul in order to retrieve the stolen body of his son Damian Wayne and his ex lover Talia. As soon as he defeated Ra's, the coffin is taken back to Apokolips by Glorious Godfrey. Hell-bent on getting his son back, Batman travels to Apokolips wearing the Hellbat armor against the wishes of his Justice League teammates. The Bat-Family also decided to follow him and they made Cyborg open a Boom Tube to pursue their mentor. After facing both Darkseid and his brutish son Kalibak, they all return home safely as Damian is resurrected using a shard of Chaos Crystal.

The Dark Knight was trying to recover from a recent tussle with Scarecrow, when a Jokerized version of the Justice League attacks Bruce and with his contingency plans in order, he managed to take down each of them using his Justice Buster suit at the cost of great damage to his health and the city. As Man of Steel came crushing down on him, the suit got wrecked beyond repair, a building collapsed on him and after repeatedly punching him over, a piece of Kryptonite gum helped him end the feud of Batman v Superman.

Looking for clues, he finds Eric Border in the ruins of Arkham Asylum, who reveals his true nature to him as The Joker who is back in town again. He turned the population of Gotham City into crazy maniacs like him and the antibody was found in Joe Chill, patient zero of this outbreak. Bruce almost came to believe the clown to be an immortal being due to his constant use of an element called Dionesium, which helped him keep coming back from any peril. Bruce eventually finds the source of this mysterious element, which he seeks to destroy and has a savage battle with the lunatic one last time.

After his last battle with the Clown Prince of Crime, Bruce was thought dead but he was actually rendered amnesiac of his past due to the severe injuries of the fight and was luckily revived with Dionesium. A new super-villain with plant-based powers named Mister Bloom starts terrorizing Gotham in his absence and his old-friend Jim Gordon took the mantle of Batman wearing tech Bat-Suits. Ultimately, the one true Caped Crusader had to return to defeat the menacing enemy and Bruce did so by restoring his memories again.

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A Vigilante In Gotham

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In the aftermath of the "Flashpoint" event in 2011, DC Comics relaunched all of their tiles from issue #1 and entire continuity was rebooted. Batman started with a new monthly ongoing volume, which is conceived by comic-book writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Superman Unchained) and mostly drawn by Greg Capullo (Haunt, Spawn), which was one of the longest and most successful collaboration ever. As with all of the books associated with relaunch, Bruce Wayne appears to be about five years younger than regular portrayal of the character from previous volume of publication.

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Adventures With Justice League

The Batman of New 52 continuity has some certain twists in his story arc as his classic allies from Bat-Family and enemies of the Rogue's Gallery also received a re-invention of their characters to suit into this new reality. The artwork by Greg Capullo was real good and widely praised, which meshed perfectly with Snyder's masterful story-telling! Snyder and Capullo continued their epic run until the dawn of "DC Rebirth" major crossover event, which marks a new starting point for Batman of Prime Earth and a soft-reboot for status-quo of the character without changing much of the newly established continuity.
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