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Year One – Batman & Scarecrow | Comics

A new mysterious serial killer is terrorizing Gotham City and killing people with brand new method of frightening people to their death. Gotham's crime-fighting dynamic duo; Batman and Robin is trying to track him down for quite some time and ended up busting a dummy scarecrow that gave them only a handful of straw.

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Year One – Batman/Scarecrow | Comics

The Dark Knight desperately tries to find out the person before this criminally insane person causes any more death of the innocents and any possible link that would help him catch this new lunatic in town. Even all of his heightened detective skills seemed to be not enough to do that at the beginning. Still, an unrelenting Dark Knight ascended on the underground mob of Gotham like a wrecking ball.

Meanwhile, a skinny guy in a scarecrow outfit raids Gotham University's Professor Pigeon’s house, who happened to be his brightest student from college, Jonathan Crane. Having an extremely abusive childhood constantly in the hands of his fanatically religious great-grandmother for being a bastard and local bullies, Crane grew up realizing the importance fear and control as the two most powerful forces on earth.

He reveals to professor these dark aspects of his childhood as well as his days in Gotham College. Batman finds it that a guy dressing up in something horrific, going out into the night and terrifying his enemies is not an unusual term for himself and tries to dig up for clues again from the beginning of the investigation once more. With The Boy Wonder, he starts busting up the mobs of Gotham City to find some answer to this mystery.

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Year One – Batman & Scarecrow (Comics) DC Wikia

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Scarecrow on Revenge Spree

Here is your link for "Year One – Batman/Scarecrow" limited series from DC Comics in issues.

Year One – Batman & Scarecrow 01

Year One – Batman & Scarecrow 02

Year One – Batman/Scarecrow is a two part mini-series from DC Comics that depicts the origin story of the Batman’s villain Scarecrow, providing insight on how this rivalry begun at the first place and how Batman came to be as a mentor, whom The Boy Wonder was afraid of in a God-fearing way.

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The Master of Fear

Released on 2005, this two part story features the script from writer Bruce Jones (Batman – Through the Looking GlassIncredible Hulk – Return of the Monster) and indi-fan favorite artist extraordinaire Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus, The Wake), who did quite an excellent job on the book. This two-part limited series was classic re-invention of The Dark Knight facing the Master of Fear for the first time that will build their bond as vigilante/criminal in the oncoming years.
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