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Bishop | Comics

In a dystopian future timeline of 21st century, where the mutant populations are hunted down by Sentinels, Lucas Bishop was born with his twin sister Shard in a relocation camp of Brooklyn. Just like the other mutants of that era, both of them were marked with an “M” tattoo on their right eye. Professor Charles Xavier and his team of X-Men were slain long ago and though fractions of humans allied themselves with the mutants, they still refused to live alongside the mutant-kind.

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Bishop | Comics

In memory of Xavier’s dream of a mutant/human peaceful co-existence, Xavier Security Enforcers are formed and at a young age Bishop and Shard were recruited in XSE to fight crime while pursuing a man named Trevor Fitzroy, a mutant criminal with the power of absorbing energy.

Bishop then traveled back to past in the X-Men’s timeline where unable to return to his time, he accepted the honorable offer to join the ranks of X-Men. For a brief time, he suspected fellow X-Man Gambit as the fabled traitor of his timeline who caused this apocalyptic future upon them but eventually learned that it was Xavier himself all along.

During Onslaught’s rampage, Bishop saved the lives of his teammates by absorbing a massive energy surge. Later, he aided the Shi’ar Deathbird and also helped The Avengers on various occasion. When the rumor of a baby messiah was spread after “M-Day”, he took it upon himself to find the baby and eradicate it but he picks a fight with Cable and eventually ends up shooting Professor Xavier in the face (X-Men – Messiah CompleX).

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Lucas Bishop AKA Bishop is a fictional Marvel Comics character that debuted in the 282th issue of the first monthly ongoing volume of Uncanny X-Men series in 1991. Artist Whilce Portacio (Iron Man, Punisher) and Jim Lee (Divine Right, Wolverine), who were working for marvel on that time, were responsible creating the character.

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The Mutant Eradicator

Soon, he got his own monthly ongoing limited series and a couple of other spin-off series as well. Unlike most of the other Marvel characters, Bishop is from the Earth-1191 timeline, apart from the regular Earth-616 universe but made his place in the regular continuity. The character also appeared in the in the mainstream animated TV series Wolverine and the X-Men (2009) and the 2014 film “X-Men – Days of Future Past” portrayed by actor Omar Sy.
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