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Infinity Gauntlet | Comics

After the Death worshiping mad titan Thanos was resurrected by Death herself, he managed to collect all six of the powerful Infinity Gems from the Elders of the Universe. Taking the gems in his possession, Thanos crafted the Infinity Gauntlet, holding all the gems in his left glove and claiming godhood once again. As he has gained the virtual omnipotence, he decides to please his love Death and even after he creates a shrine in her honor for both of them, she still refuses to be charmed.

Witnessing the "Rebirth of Thanos", Silver Surfer; the mighty herald of Galactus, quickly rushes to seek aid of his old friend Doctor Strange in stopping Thanos from erasing the entire plane of existence. In the meantime, Thanos resurrects Nebula half alive but Death still shows no glimpse of interest in him. He then remembers the promise he made earlier to Mistress Death to destroy half the life of the universe and he does so immediately with just a single snap of his finger.

infinity gauntlet marvel comics
Infinity Gauntlet | Comics

Now, this act of desperation in an overwhelming urge of receiving affection from Death certainly has its devastating effects and it was felt by Captain America, The Eternals, Hulk, the Kree Empire, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Spider-Man, who has sensed something big is happening. The Avengers were wondering about the situation as they get busy with the cleanup of this mess, when Adam Warlock came to visit Doctor Strange to inform about the impending threat upon the entire universe.

Sensing some abnormalities, Doctor Doom comes crashing at Sanctum Sanctorum to confront Stephen Strange and the Surfer, when Warlock explains everything to him. He then starts recruiting Quasar, Doctor Doom and other heroes to stop Thanos. Even Odin assembles the deities of Asgard upon having a meeting with Council of Godheads to face the problem before it's too late but got trapped because of their exit being destroyed by a shock-wave that The Mad Titan released a while ago.

The unity of heroes also gains support from most powerful entities in the universe, including Galactus. Hulk and Wolverine are tasked by Warlock to kill Thanos the moment they get the chance. Then using a magic spell and the Eye of Agamatto, Doctor Strange transports all the gathering of heroes to space for confronting Thanos in a last ditch attempt to save reality itself. With Mephisto at his side as an adviser, Thanos will stop at nothing to bring upon the end of the Universe.

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Assembly of War

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Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath

"Infinity Gauntlet" is a six part limited series that is considered as a major comic book event of Marvel Comics following the events of "The Thanos Quest" mini-series. Releasing on 1991, the story is pitched by the legendary comic-book creator Jim Starlin (Infinity Crusade, Infinity War), who worked with artist George Pérez (Fantastic Four, Inhumans) and Ron Lim (Iron Man – Legacy of Doom, Thanos – Samaritan) as his collaborator for the arc. Issues from many other monthly ongoing titles as Doctor StrangeQuasarSilver Surfer, Sleepwalker and The Incredible Hulk were included as tie-in for the six part saga.

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Destiny Still Arrives

"Infinity Gauntlet" also serves as the first part of a trilogy of "Infinity" themed crossovers and the reference of the event was given many times on the pages of Marvel Comics over the course of decades after decades. The storyline is also being adapted into the third live-action Avengers film from Marvel Cinematic Universe titled, Avengers: Infinity War (2018), where actor Josh Brolin is about to portray the character of The Mad Titan himself through motion capture and depict the journey of the villain to become a universal conqueror.
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