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Deadpool – The Circle Chase | Comics

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Deadpool – The Circle Chase | Comics
Wade Wilson takes the alias of Deadpool to pursue a mercenary career, is also known as the merc with a mouth for being such a talker and currently he is fighting off many other mercenaries who actually came looking for him in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. He surprise attacks them to take a couple of them down while making fun of them and fighting them off; eventually taking down every last one of them with efficiency. Deadpool meets his tech-guy cum weapons dealer Weasel in his safe-house and wants to know about his girlfriend Copycat. Deadpool encounters his former fellow Weapon X operative Garrison Kane who has become a cyborg now and they both fight each other for information.

Kane also reveals that Deadpool's old nemesis Gregory Terraerton AKA Slayback has been found alive and currently is looking for Deadpool to kill him. Meanwhile, the unstoppable mutant super-villain Juggernaut breaks into a secret facility for genetic research somewhere in France, looking for his uncle Black Tom Cassidy. A man named Louis Banque greets him and leads him to the room where his uncle is kept. He is surprised to see Black Tom in a way he never expected. A newly patched-up Black Tom and Juggernaut team up and attacks Deadpool to obtain a briefcase he previously stole from Mr. Gezdbadah earlier that holds valuable information of everyone's interest and with Deadpool around, it never happens in a typical way. It has to be very very awkward and a bit weird at the same time for everyone around him.
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Ducks In A Row
Here is your links for the "Deadpool – The Circle Chase" limited series from Marvel Comics in issues.

Deadpool – The Circle Chase 01

Deadpool – The Circle Chase 02

Deadpool – The Circle Chase 03
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Piece of The Prize

Deadpool – The Circle Chase 04

Here is your links for the "Deadpool – The Circle Chase" limited series from Marvel Comics.

Deadpool – The Circle Chase

Deadpool – The Circle Chase is the first ever Deadpool title released by Marvel Comics. This four part bullet riddled limited series was written by Fabian Nicieza (Alpha Flight, New Warriors), who co-created the character with artist Rob Liefeld (Onslaught Reborn, X-Force) and the pencil works were done by the awesome Joe Madureira (Astonishing X-Men, Inhuman – Genesis). This limited series is one of Madureira's early works on Marvel that gave his work a great recognition to his fans. Though the series was featuring Deadpool, but the other supporting characters have seemed to got a bit more attention in the story than they should.
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