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Amazing Spider-Man – Coming Home | Comics

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Amazing Spider-Man – Coming Home
 | Comics
Spider-Man met a mysterious person while patrolling out to clear his head on evening having the same wall crawling ability like him as well as physical prowess, and also the spider-sense, only more aged than him. The person, Ezekiel also seen to know his secret identity but the most amazing fact is that because of the same nature of their power, their spider-sense does not warn each other of their presence and it appears that he is considered as an ally for Spidey. Ezekiel informs Peter of a cultural tribe who worships super-beings and Peter is the blessed one who possessed the pure force of a spider. Not only that, Ezekiel also warns him of a villain of counter-force, who is out there to hunt him down.

Peter is then offered a secured shelter with Adamantium alloys covered in reinforced steel skin to hide himself from his newly discovered enemy by Ezekiel but he declines it anyway and chose to fight his way out just like every other fight. Soon, as he swings around the city, he eventually clashes with that powerful villainous entity known as Morlun who found him and had the toughest fight of his life just to evade him after being tormented by him and his minion Dex for days. After the exhausted battle, Spider-Man realizes that he had never faced a powerful opponent like him, not even the Hulk. But as he keeps avoiding Morlun, he keeps endangering civilian lives at the villain’s hand. Spidey's confidence is almost broken and so is he as he sees no possible light of hope or a slimmest chance of pinning down this super-powered foe.

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Morlun's First Attack
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Spider to Hunter
Here is your links for “Amazing Spider-Man – Coming Home" storyline from Marvel Comics.

Amazing Spider-Man – Coming Home (Softcover)

Amazing Spider-Man – Coming Home (Hardcover)

Coming Home is a six part storyline of Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man series that was plotted by the famous collaborator team of writer J. Michael Straczynski (Civil War – Spider-Man, Fantastic Four) and artist John Romita Jr. (Avengers Vs. X-Men, Kick-Ass). This super-pack tale took place in the monthly series of the Amazing Spider-Man, from issue #471-476. A new ally and a new enemy is given to Spider-Man and these characters are surely up for enriching the Spider-Man legacy, created by the duo of Straczynski and Romita Jr. Morlun's introduction in this story just not only added a new super-villain to Spidey's already augmented rogues' gallery but it also heralded the “Spider-Verse” event that would take place years after.
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