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Street Fighters | Comics

street fighter comics
Street Fighters | Comics
Ryu, an honorable Japanese warrior, trained in martial arts, who is both raised and trained by a man named Gouken after he had found him at a very young age. While training to hon himself throughout the years, he unwillingly took an enthusiastic Japanese schoolgirl Sakura as his student, who also happens to be a big fan of his. Ryu has a best friend named Ken Masters, who is also trained in the same manner of skills as him but only had honed a bit of different style than his. He is one of the contestants of the World Warrior tournament hosted by Sagat; the God of Muay Thai. Years ago, an epic battle followed between the two great warriors and after being defeated at the hands of a nearly beaten Ryu, Sagat made a vow to exact vengeance upon him and regain his honor.

A member of the secret elite military team, Charlie Nash goes on a secret mission to end the sinister organization Shadaloo, who has a strong hatred to its leader M. Bison. But he ended up beaten by his enemy and is seemingly killed by the ruthless dictator himself. Chun-Li and Guile then bands together to stop the reign of the evil M. Bison. Meanwhile, Sagat is seeking for Ryu to settle some old score with him and tracking him on his own and while following Ryu, he bests his body and moves for the ultimate battle against his hated enemy. Akuma; the brother of Gouken has been keeping watch on Ryu wherever he goes, to follow his progress for a long time, so that he may challenge him. Impressed by his talent, Bison too keeps track of Ryu to have him as his puppet, someday.

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Based on the popular Street Fighters fighting-game series by Capcom, the comic series of the same name was jointly published by Image Comics and UDON, starting from 2003. The series follows various storyline of the fighters. While the comic series was based on the original Street Fighters game, the comic titles sometime didn't follow the same continuity of that universe. Various fighters from the very beginning to the modern day are featured in this series. It also unveils many plots, which were left unexplained in the game series. Following the core series, spin-off's like Street Fighter 25th Anniversary, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter Legends – Chun-Li, Street Fighter Legends – Sakura and also a bunch of one-shot stories were released later.
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