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Avengers – Red Zone | Comics

When a deadly biological weapon starts killing off people, The Avengers tracks back its root to United States government.

In South Dakota, a strange red cloud starts infecting and killing people like a plague nearing Mount Rushmore. As it starts spreading, police and F.E.M.A. quickly arrives to help, followed by The Avengers. Sending off a kid into a rescue chopper, Captain America heads over to the crowd to offer his help, waiting for his team to show up.

He is joined by Ant-Man, Jack of Hearts, Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, Vision and Warbird but they are halted by U.S. military. Wanda Maximoff uses her hex powers to concentrate and was able to redirect the cloud temporarily. Ignoring military warnings, Avengers wear protective suits to enter red cloud and assess what has lead to this disaster.

In a government research facility, Dr. Bill Foster confirms Iron Man that this is a bio-terrorist attack for sure. Black Panther adds that Wakanda can help neutralize its effects by creating an enzyme but is interrupted by U.S. Secretary of Defense. Since Avengers are no longer sponsored by United States, they both are asked to leave.

T'Challa managed to steal a blood sample from lab that was being analyzed earlier before they were escorted out. Meanwhile, Cap and rest of his team goes deep into the roots of this deadly mess while leaving Carol Danvers behind to assist U.S. troops and help organize in quarantined area due to her status as former project leader at NASA.

avengers red zone marvel comics geoff johns olivier coipel andy lanning
Avengers – Red Zone | Comics

Finding a way into an underground secret lab, Cap discovers that a U.S. bio-weapon research center is behind this deadly cloud all along. He collects dog tags of all fallen soldiers and Wanda finds multiple bullet holes on entrance door. Vision failed to access its scrambled data and Scott Lang learns this secret program is called "Project Bloodwash".

Leaving Jack Hart behind to aid him, rest of his team moves along to find more anyone who is responsible for this carnage. Scott sends his findings to Tony about how this weapon was being designed to kill all non-white humans. Stark was working with Black Panther to come up with a cure but are ambushed and captured by U.S. Army.

She-Hulk opens up a gate that was housing a group of A.I.M. soldiers who then shot at her and damaged her suit. When they faced Vision, one of them tried to throw a grenade and ended up killing all of their own. Jack is ordered to take Jennifer out on surface quickly, as she has now changed into her human form, infected by the virus.

Scott Lang eventually discovered who spearheaded "Project Bloodwash" but before they could move outside, She-Hulk came back tossing Jack Hart at them. In a momentary fit of rage, she smashes her teammates and heavily wrecks Vision. Wanda managed to convey a distress message seeking help that is received by Carol Danvers.

As T'Challa tries to find a way to escape, Tony Stark calls in his Iron Man suit to their unknown location of captivity. Secretary of Defense, Dell Rusk talks to Avengers official U.N. liaison Henry Peter Gyrich about how his given access codes for personal stuff of the heroes are not working and then excuses him upon receiving a call from President.

Gyrich went outside to meet Avenger member Falcon and report on his recent progress of digging dirt on Secretary Rusk lately but their conversation is interrupted shortly when Sam Wilson is shot out of nowhere. Dell Rusk then came out of bushes holding a gun and shot at Gyrich as well before revealing him to be villainous Red Skull.

avengers red zone project bloodwash mount rushmore marvel comics geoff johns olivier coipel andy lanning
Red Death Soars

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Returning once again on his brief stint on Avengers comic-book, writer Geoff Johns (Avengers – Standoff, The Thing – Freakshow) teams-up with artist Olivier Coipel (Avengers – Lionheart of Avalon, The Mighty Thor – The Galactus Seed) for "Red Zone" storyline, which collects issues #65-70 of third ongoing volume from Marvel Comics.

After a biological weapon originated in Mount Rushmore starts killing civilians, The Avengers responded as quickly as they could but were halted by United States government officials in every steps. One of Captain America's oldest rivals would return for vengeance to bring the system to its knees and having all of its minorities killed.

avengers red zone red skull johann shmidt country secretary of defense dell rusk marvel comics geoff johns olivier coipel andy lanning
Red Skull Country

Instead of fighting alien races or super-villains Cap and his friends are forced to fight against a corruption within system that they try to protect. Therefore, powerful heroes like Scarlet Witch and Warbird were mostly sitting in the sidelines. It took some detective work of Falcon and Henry Gyrich to flush out the real culprit behind this mess.

In times of crisis, T'Challa and Tony Stark try to put their differences away to save lives in present as well as in future. Meanwhile, She-Hulk goes berserk and has savagely beaten up one of her teammate before running away. Trying to find and bring her back again, Avengers will be heading out up next in "Search for She-Hulk" storyline.
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