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Justice League Elite | Comics

In absence of original Justice League team, the notorious Crime Syndicate of Amerika was on a rampage and a new superhero team; Justice League Elite was formed by their former enemy Vera Black to do the odd jobs JLA wouldn't want to be involved with. Their objective was to face and remove extraordinary threats, which normal people cannot face but even being such a black-ops wing, they still have to follow one rule that original Leaguers followed: No killing.

justice league elite
Justice League Elite | Comics

Green Arrow and The Flash, members of original Justice League team also joined The Elite for its view towards crime that they both shared. While serving both teams, the latter has designed a new dark costume for his time with Elite. One of JLE's members Coldcast happened to be an original member of the previous roster of The Elite team which once clashed with Superman over their point of view on crimes.

Other members of the team were Menagerie II, Manitou Raven and his wife Manitou Dawn as a supporting member, former Suicide Squad operative Major Disaster and a ruthless teenage assassin named Kasumi AKA Mist, who has said to have killed more than 200 people and has a real shady past. The sister of former team leader Manchester Black, Vera Black as Sister Superior, takes the leadership mantle of the team to show everyone that she can run the team better than her brother. But her leadership and humanity will be on jeopardy when her brother returns with a being from Source Wall named Eve, who has the power to alter reality.

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Rivalry of Meta Siblings

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Justice League Elite Vol 01

Justice League Elite Vol 02

Published by DC Comics in 2004, "Justice League Elite" is a 12 issue limited series, created by writer Joe Kelly (Emperor Joker, Our Worlds at War) and artist Doug Mahnke (Batman – The Man Who Laughs, Black Adam – The Dark Age) on the pages of JLA #100. The series actually shows a darker view of DC Universe, showcasing how super-hero teams manages to take down greater threats than giant killer robots and beyond.

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Dawn of Destruction

Tensions rise among the characters when misunderstanding, lack of belief and infidelity corrupts them eventually and breaks them from inside. Plus, an important large-scale guest appearance is made by original JLA team just before the climactic conclusion.
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