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The Other – Evolve or Die | Comics

evolve or die
The Other – Evolve or Die | Comics
Peter Parker is having sudden black outs and weird dreams about one of his most powerful foe; the dreaded Morlun in a morgue, Kraven The Hunter in skirts, Uncle Ben and a few others. When confronting a brand-new villain named Tracer, he was shot and his wound is treated and healed but after running a blood test on him, recommended by Captain America, Doctor Castillo informs that Peter was in fact, dying. He later confronts the Tracer again and experiences sudden power loss in the middle of the battle like before. He shares his concern regarding this with his beloved wife Mary Jane but before he could tell Aunt May, he met the Tracer again and fights till he discovers that it was a robot after all.

Peter then seeks the aid of Black Panther in Wakanda, for their superior medical advancement, scientist Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange and Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk to fight this rare disease which is killing him slowly but had no luck so far. His old nemesis, the energy vampire Morlun eventually shows up to make the matters at hand even worse than it already are but yet made no move other than taunting him after a few deadly blows and left him alive because of his weakened state to finish him off later. In his hallucination, Peter severely beats up his enemy The Ox, thinking of him as Morlun, only to be stopped by Daredevil. In an epic final confrontation, Morlun savagely beats up Spidey in a fierce battle and left him for dead as the New Avengers and Mary Jane Parker arrives to take him to the hospital.

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morlun marvel comics
Return of Morlun
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morlun kills spiderman
Beaten by Morlun

Here is your links for "The Other – Evolve or Die" crossover event from Marvel Comics.

The Other – Evolve or Die (Softcover)

The Other – Evolve or Die (Hardcover)

"The Other – Evolve or Die" is a crossover Spider-Man story arc published by Marvel Comics on 2005. It was a 12 part story, written by Peter David (Captain Marvel, X-Factor) and pencilled by the team of Mike Deodato Jr. (Elektra, Original Sin), Mike Wieringo (Tellos, The Flash) and Pat Lee (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers) in all three titles centering the crossover. "The Other" is considered as a major event in Spider-Man's life that revamped the Spider-Man storylines for the upcoming years such as the event of Civil War and the Back in Black storyline, but after One More Day story arc some of the status quo has changed. The tale continued through the three monthly ongoing series of Spider-Man then.
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