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The Walking Dead – The Best Defense | Comics

While clearing up the prison yard of A-block, a secret armory is discovered by Glenn and Maggie where they found shotguns and police riot gears that they can use for protection against the Walkers during the regular clean-up. They decide to use those gears to siphon fuels of the remaining cars of the yards to run Dale's RV and the in-house power generator. After her recent suicidal activity, Carol and Lori talks and she is worried for her daughter Sophia.

Wearing the newfound riot suit, Rick and Glenn goes to siphon gas from the parked cars near the prison and then they notice a helicopter that flies by. Then it suddenly crashes nearby and along with Michonne, they rush to the spot on a car that Glenn managed to run somehow. Afer the car stuck in the mud, they continued on foot but except for the wrecking copter, they found no one on the crash site but only a few tracks of footprint there.

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The Walking Dead – The Best Defense | Comics

In prison, Carol asks Lori if she and Rick would consider polygamous marriage with her as she thinks can work out well. Lori is stunned at her proposal and denies her, which slightly offends her. Axel and Tyreese guards outside the prison compound while waiting for Rick and gang to return anytime. Carl is excited to have a cell of his own when his father returns and asks his mother why she is always upset when Rick leaves.

In hopes to find survivors of the chopper out there, Rick, Glenn and Michonne starts following the tracks and reaches to a mile marker for a community town called Woodbury. When they reaches there, their weapons are taken by the guards and a guy named Caesar Martinez welcomes them to the place. The town is completely free of Walkers and Rick's gang soon met the man who leads the town, only goes by the name of The Governor.

The man enjoys survivors fighting each other in an arena surrounded by Walkers just for fun yet; everyone in the town of Woodbury seems to be unknown of the true nature of their lunatic leader. The Governor welcomed them in peace at first but later he starts violently interrogating them about their location, which results in chopping off Rick's right arm for his unwillingness to cooperate. He also admits that he fed the helicopter survivors to the zombies when they came here.

Michonne is brutally raped and tortured for days by the madman continuously, while a locked up Glenn is forced to hear it. A wounded Rick is sent to the care of Dr. Stevens who enlighten Rick of Governor’s past, about how he rose to the power and what he may come up with next. The Governor wants to know of the location of Rick’s prison camp as he wants all the resources they have right now for the town of Woodbury, even if it means to invade and slaughter every last one of them.

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March of The Undeads

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Here is your link to buy “The Walking Dead – The Best Defense" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – The Best Defense

Collecting issue #25-30 from the monthly ongoing comic-book series The Walking Dead, "The Best Defense" is fifth storyline run of the title. Published by Image Comics in 2006, the storyline is developed by writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files). The story starts from the ending point of the previous arc "The Heart's Desire" and is later continued in "This Sorrowful Life" story arc. This is the first ever storyline of this post-apocalyptic Zombie saga where any death of the living or undead is not shown.

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Gears of Retaliation

Though many elements from this story is adapted into the Season 3 of The Walking Dead TV Show on AMC, many other aspects of the original content had to left out because of the level of extremely graphic moments that has taken place. For instance, Rick's hand getting chopped off is completely avoided showing and then the part where Michonne gets raped is also omitted from the show just because it would be too much to digest for cable TV audience. The live-action portrayal and appearance of the character The Governor by actor David Morrissey was also way different than it is in the book.
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