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Ghost Rider – Vicious Cycle | Comics

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Ghost-Rider – Vicious Cycle | Comics
Trapped in Hell for a lifetime, Johnny Blaze was dying to get out of the grasp of Lucifer and he eventually does that by breaking out of the gate of Hell, only to find out he is still inside. It's like how always the devil tempts him with hope and then takes it away to drive him mad. Realizing this and that he is probably not getting out of this eternal damnation, Johnny starts punching in the ground and discovered a minion named Greexix. He thought the little demon was a spy sent to keep an eye on him but the frightened being revealed to him that he is just a cave-digger who got lost. Soon, Satan's army came and snatches Greexix away while Johnny watches. After he is taken to be tortured according to Satan's order, Ghost Rider came to rescue him and took Greexix back with him.

Since earlier he told the Ghost Rider to rescue him because he can dig him out of here, the little demon led him to a doorway to Earth through water and just as Johnny Blaze promises to take him along, it revealed itself as Lucifer. Johnny ended up on the other side and rises from a sea along with an army of dead who walked into Earth. Johnny hitched a ride from a truck driver named Dixie who drops him to a gas station to freshen up. Lucifer came back to tease him about the fact that he just brought Lucifer on Earth by mistake and after taking a few blows from Ghost Rider, he tricked the family into killing themselves, then left him behind to confront Doctor Strange. Being tricked before by his cunningness, Johnny attacks him thinking him as Lucifer in disguise.
ghost rider vicious cycle
Way Out of Hell
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Ghost Rider V6 01

Ghost Rider V6 02

Ghost Rider V6 03

Ghost Rider V6 04

Ghost Rider V6 05

Here is your link for “Ghost-Rider – Vicious Cycle" storyline from Marvel Comics.
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Into The Mortal Plane

Ghost-Rider – Vicious Cycle

Belongs to the sixth monthly ongoing volume of Ghost Rider series, "Vicious Cycle" is the first story-arc in the new step-stone to the supernatural world of Marvel. Plotted out by writer
Daniel Way (Bullseye – Greatest Hits, Supreme Power – Nighthawk) and drawn by artist Javier Saltares (Ghost Rider – Danny Ketch – Addict, Moon Knight – God & Country), the storyline ran from issues #01-05 from the series and was released on 2007. The story led us to "The Life and Death of Johnny Blaze" and "Apocalypse Soon" up next, where the Spirit of Vengeance desperately searches for a way out of his conflict with Hell and engages with Hulk to stop him from wrecking havoc (World War Hulk).
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