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The Walking Dead – This Sorrowful Life | Comics

Michonne is offered by the maniacal Governor to battle on Woodbury’s local gladiator arena in exchange for her daily torture routine as he needs fighters for entertainment and she fights against combatant Eugene Cooney as a replacement for arena fighter Harold Abernathy who was previously killed by Eugene in a fit of rage after Harold accidentally knocked off Eugene's tooth. She also killed off some Walkers following the fight that sparked protests against her violent manner and she is knocked out once again.

Meanwhile, Rick and Glenn managed to make an escape from their captivity with help from one of Governor's men, Caesar Martinez. He was shocked to see Rick's amputated arm and decides to join them along with Doctor Stevens and Nurse Alice to get out of this hellhole. Michonne however, stays back after being rescued to take care of some unfinished business with The Governor. Unfortunately, Doctor Stevens were bitten by a Walker on the neck during their escape and chooses to stay behind while telling the others to go.

this sorrowful life
The Walking Dead – This Sorrowful Life | Comics

Upon learning the location of Governor's house from Alice, Michonne goes to pay him a visit saying she will catch up with them later.. As The Governor was busy feeding his zombified niece Penny, she breaks into his apartment and knocks him over. After tying him up real good, she tortures him with many objects like drill, hammer and her own katana to cripple the maniac in every possible way she could to a severity where he keeps blacking out. When his men finally arrived, she quickly escapes from there before getting caught.

After merely being able to escape from Governor's men, Michonne walks for an entire night to catch up with Rick and his gang to the helicopter crash site. In response to Rick's question of whether she killed Governor or not, she acts oddly ad continues walking. When they all are back in prison, Rick and his friends finds a reanimated Otis wandering around and entire prison yard is completely overrunned by hordes of Walkers pouring in from outside. Inside the seemingly abandoned Dale's RV, they found Dale and Andrea hiding from the zombies lurking around.

As they clear off all the undeads, Rick's group all finally reunites together in C-Block and Glenn proposes to Maggie Greene for marrying him after collecting a ring from a female Walker. Tyreese substitutes for Rick on their routine Zombie watch as the former has been gravely wounded and been through a lot recently. Rick assembles everyone from the prison and after telling them about all the horrors that have happened to them back at Woodbury, prepares themselves for a battle against the tyrant Governor.

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Hounded With Walkers

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Here is your link to buy “The Walking Dead – This Sorrowful Life" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – This Sorrowful Life

The sixth storyline of The Walking Dead comic series is titled "This Sorrowful Life" and it ran from issue #31-36 of monthly ongoing series, followed by the events of "The Best Defense" and this story arc takes its turn to next storyline called "The Calm Before". Series creator and writer Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) were the ones responsible for this arc published from Image Comics in 2007 and it was ranked in one of the top 10 best graphic novels around that time.

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Revenge of Michonne

Key elements from this storyline were adapted to Season 3 of AMC's live-action The Walking Dead TV adaptation.Since the level of brutality and gore on this book was too violent to adapt for cable TV audience, many of the source materials were changed or completely written off. One such incident is the brutal tortures and repeated rape of Michonne's character at the hands of The Governor. Also, Governor's reanimated niece from comics is adapted as his own daughter in the series to give their relationship more depth.
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