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The Walking Dead – Made To Suffer | Comics

The Governor was found severely crippled with several limbs missing and taken care of by his men who had him rescued from a vengeful Michonne in the nick of time who was about to painfully torture him to death. After they barely patched him up with help from a former army medic named Bob, The Governor eventually survives. He wakes up a week after in Woodbury hospital and then waits for his man Caesar Martinez to return.

Caesar was sent with Rick Grimes and his group to follow them back to their home as a double agent for him and to locate the prison facility where the survivors were currently residing. After some searching, his men found Caesar zombified in the field. Apparently, he was killed by Rick who ran over Dale's RV on Martinez and then strangled to death when he found that the latter was going back to Woodbury.

twd made to suffer
The Walking Dead – Made To Suffer | Comics

The Governor then successfully convinces the townspeople of Woodbury to attack the prison by telling them a false story about the prison dwellers being a very aggressive and savage band of folks. He also showed Martinez's zombified decapitated head to them to prove his claims, which really shocks a lot of them. As his search parties kept looking for the prison, The Governor prepares himself by practicing shooting even though his right arm was off.

Meanwhile, he was spending time with his own zombified niece Penny and kisses her after pulling out her teeth only to throw up immediately. Then he learned that a group of soldiers from Woodbury was killed by the prison group at the National Guard Station during a confrontation of their supply run. This angers The Governor and his men to attack the prison but they wait for long. With heavy vehicles and armory they approached at the prison as one of Governor’s men was successful in locating it after weeks of searching and mapping the surrounding areas.

During the first attack, Andrea climbs on the guard tower and devastates the Woodbury forces by shooting at them. The remaining survivors debate as to run away or to fight back. Tyreese and Michonne are also captured by Governor's men while trying to turn the tides of the battle and their fate seems to be quite unsure at this point. What happens next between the two group is a savage contest of massacring each other till no one is left.

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The Walking Dead – Made To Suffer (Comics) Wikia

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Woodbury Strikes Back

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The Walking Dead 43

The Walking Dead 44

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The Walking Dead 48

Here is your link to buy “The Walking Dead – Made To Suffer" from Image Comics on Amazon.

The Walking Dead – Made To Suffer

Following the events of “The Calm Before”, there comes “Made To Suffer” storyline that collects issue #43-48 of The Walking Dead monthly ongoing comic-book series from Image Comics in 2008. It also is the one volume that features the highest amount of deaths in the panels which is later surpassed by the “All Out War” story arc. Series creator and writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) created this six part plot that is succeeded by "Here We Remain" storyline which is next to this one.

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Almost Dead Already

The eighth episode from Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead TV Series also shares the same name of the storyline. However, that episode did not feature the attack of Woodbury people led by The Governor on Rick's prison. Since AMC's TV adaptation is solely based on the source material of Robert Kirkman's work on the comics series, the third season seemed like a stretch as it concluded to Season 4 for viewers to find out what threat The Governor will pose on Rick's group. The key-elements of the violent nature of the conflict that took place on the arc was toned down for television audience when it was aired.
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