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Wolverine – Get Mystique | Comics

wolverine get mystique
Wolverine – Get Mystique | Comics
After the initial resolve to the crisis of "Messiah CompleX" event and the disbanding of their team, Cyclops asks Wolverine to track down X-Men's long time enemy and a personal adversary of Logan; the enigmatic mutant shape-shifter Raven Darkhölme, who is also known as the mutant terrorist Mystique, to bring her down for her betrayal to the X-Men (X-Men - Blinded by the Light). Logan starts looking for Mystique's trail and eventually sniffs her out within a few hours but still she managed to dodge him. In Wolverine's disguise, Mystique has killed a local woman in Afganistan and when Logan came looking for her, she framed him for the murder of that woman. The local Afgans didn't take this matter very lightly and they fired at will to him after capturing him.

After simply taking those bullets and passing out, when he regains consciousness, Wolverine locates her again but she narrowly escaped by blowing up an entire mosque in Iran, leaving trail of bodies behind and then dodged Logan again a few more times. Wolverine is getting too much obsessed to take her down this time for good and seems like he would stop at nothing to get to Mystique. But is it really that easy to hunt down a mutant shape-shifter, so cunning and deceitful like Mystique, even with all that enhanced mutant senses and a rapid healing factor? Also, some past histories between Wolverine and Mystique are explored details in flashbacks that explain why they did not stayed in touch even though they knew each other for a very long time and how did it all came to a bitter end.

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Wolverine – Get Mystique (Comics) Marvel Wikia

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Old Scores to Settle
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Wolverine V3 62

Wolverine V3 63

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The Final Face-Off

Wolverine V3 64

Wolverine V3 65

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Wolverine – Get Mystique

"Get Mystique" is a four part storyline that was done by writer Jason Aaron (Avengers Vs. X-Men, Original Sin) along with artist Ron Garney (Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America) in 2008. This story started in issue #62 of the third volume of the Wolverine monthly ongoing comic series from Marvel Comics and concluded in issue #65. It occurred during the crossover event "Divided We Stand". Apart from the interesting past exploring plot, the combination of Jason Aaron's storytelling with Ron Garney's drawing makes this story a sure win and a must read for anyone.
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