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The Walking Dead – Fear The Hunters | Comics

fear the hunters
The Walking Dead – Fear The Hunters
 | Comics
Abraham followed Rick and his son Carl to their hometown Kentucky to get supplies and they finds Rick’s old friend Morgan Jones in an unstable condition. They took Morgan with them and encounter a massive herd consisting of thousand Walkers on their way back. Rick reaches to his group after a lot of struggle but failed to ditch the herd. As a result, all of the survivors are forced to hit the road again from a remote farm house they had found for long staying and Dale is pissed off at Rick for him jeopardizing their safety. Meanwhile, one of Allen and Donna's twin sons Ben murders Billy which deeply shook up Dale. In the middle of this emotional situation, a priest, named Gabriel Stokes approaches the group seeking food, who did not receive a warm welcome.

As the rest of the group debate on Ben’s fate, he was eventually shot at the dark of night by one of the survivors. This led Dale to have a more severe emotional breakdown while Carl foul mouths him for that. Suddenly, Walkers attack the group and Dale screams for help. He assures he’s fine as soon as the undeads were all taken down. Even though all of them were skeptical about Gabriel, they followed him to his church anyway. Andrea felt that she was being watched by some unknown individual when she went to the woods to pee. Rest of the group brushed off the possibility of that. From the beginning of this Zombie apocalypse they’ve fought undeads and mad men but never before has they face such a fearful group of adversaries who are about to make their presence known.

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The Walking Dead – Fear The Hunters (Comics) Wikia
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Beware The Hunters
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Here is your link for “The Walking Dead – Fear The Hunters" storyline from Image Comics.

The Walking Dead Vol 11 – Fear the Hunters

Writer Robert Kirkman (Outcast, The Astounding Wolf-Man) and artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) brought the eleventh storyline titled “Fear The Hunters” of the monthly ongoing series of The Walking Dead in 2010 after their run in "What We Become". Season 05 of The Walking Dead TV Show features a lot of plot elements like the death of Ben and Billy, history of Gabriel’s Church, death of another survivor and The Hunters from the storyline. The events of the tale is narrated in issue #61-66 and it was followed by the next part; “Life Among Them”.
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