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Chew – Taster´s Choice | Comics

chew tasters choice
Chew – Taster´s Choice | Comics
Despite being always hungry as hell, detective Tony Chu almost never eat much. This is because whenever he takes a bite out of any food, he gets these weird sensations in his head about the origin of it and a lot other information related to it including its growing place, cultivating process and all that. That same awareness taps him when he takes a bite from a cooked meat; except the whole picture is a lot more different than other foods to him. The only food that doesn’t give him any impression of that sort is beet and he mostly fed on it. This very rare gift of his makes him a Cibopath, a very rare species with this very unique ability to absorb memories and abilities by ingesting things that he can chew.

A bird flu pandemic has wiped out 23 million American people that made all the poultry meat illegal. While patrolling with his partner John Colby, they are approached by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) agent Mason Savoy, who sent them for a free chicken dinner to a black market restaurant where Chu discovers that the chef is a serial killer upon tasting the soup he ordered. After giving him a chase, John is badly wounded with a butcher’s knife thrown at his face by by the killer and Chu ends up tasting his blood after the chef kills himself to avoid arrest. Next day, Mason Savoy appears at his department and recruits Tony to FDA for working on a new case together. In FDA, his boss Mike Applebee tries to make his life a living hell as he hates people with food powers.
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Incident In The Observatory
Here is your links for “Chew – Taster´s Choice" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Chew 01

Chew 02
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A Leverage On Plate

Chew 03

Chew 04

Chew 05

Here is your link for “Chew – Taster´s Choice" storyline from Image Comics.

Chew – Taster´s Choice

Taster´s Choice is a five issue storyline from the ongoing comic series Chew, collecting issue #01-05 which is written by John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and penciled by Rob Guillory. Published from Image Comics publications, the story is the first arc of the Chew comic universe that led the series to achieve an Eisner Award. This tale is continued into the International Flavor storyline from the same series.
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