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Dark Avengers – Molecule Man | Comics

Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers go up against Molecule Man without knowing what they are up against.

A huge change in status quo took place when Norman Osborn replaced Tony Stark as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. following "Secret Invasion". He has assembled a group of deranged psychos like Bullseye, Daken and Mac Gargan as well as reformed criminal Moonstone to join his new team of Dark Avengers alongside Ares and The Sentry.

Although Osborn is fashioning himself as Iron Patriot these days, he can't be trusted due to his history of mental issues and therefore, former top cop of the world Nick Fury has recently gone underground to form his own group of Secret Warriors that includes young heroes like Alex Aaron AKA Phobos, God of Fear and son of Ares.

When his father goes out, Daisy Johnson came to pick him up but none of them realized that Ares was following them. Their trail leads him to a barber shop, where he found Fury and his new recruits in a safehouse. Knowing that his son has chosen to be trained with Fury, he leaves and Nick orders everyone to abandon base urgently.

In Dinosaur, Colorado, two girls comes to a small diner and is asked to leave by few patrons. One of them goes to restroom and calls her boyfriend and notices the mirror on wall starts melting when she touched it. She freaked out screaming only for everyone else to turn into stone and their car outside wore into nothingness.

dark avengers molecule man marvel comics brian michael bendis mike deodato jr. ares wolverine daken hawkeye bullseye spider-man mac gargan ms marvel karla sofen sentry robert reynolds iron patriot norman osborn victoria hand
Dark Avengers – Molecule Man | Comics

Turn out, one of those girls was daughter to secretary of state and he called Osborn for a personal favor to find her. His secretary Victoria Hand points out that many have recently disappeared from there. Norman initially sends The Sentry out to Colorado for investigation but he soon is overwhelmed by unknown energy and blew up.

This immediately prompts Osborn to rally up his Dark Avengers team and H.A.M.M.E.R. crews to scene but he sent Venom back due to his unstable condition. Landing there, they all get vanished and Osborn finds himself before Owen Reese AKA Molecule Man, who is surrounded by Beyonder, The Enchantress, Mephisto and Zarathos.

However, it becomes very clear that no one else other than him and Norman are real around them. Reese states his will to be left alone in this town and have no intention of killing him because, then Reed Richards will show up to somehow stop him for good but forced Osborn to go through nightmares when he objects to that idea.

The Sentry materializes once again only to be torn apart, Venom turns into puddle of goo and Hawkeye into water, Ms. Marvel turned into stone, Wolverine gets trapped in vegetation and Ares is frozen. Seeing this situation getting out of hand, deputy director of H.A.M.M.E.R., Victoria Hand decides to declare full surrender to Reese.

As she approaches, Owen strips off her uniform to see if she is armed and she appeals to him that he restores everyone that got vanished. He then took her to the dimension where he kept Osborn trapped in his own psyche. He sees himself in Spider-Man costume right next to a pregnant Gwen Stacy over George Washington Bridge.

Norman changes into his Green Goblin persona, seeing everyone around him is just waiting for him to make a mess and fall badly. Then he sacredly look at a trio of monstrous versions of Ares, Iron Man and Spider-Man. Sentry gets pissed off for being repeatedly torn apart after some time and managed to violently burst through Owen.

dark avengers molecule man owen reece beyonder enchantress mephisto zarathos marvel comics dark dimension norman osborn brian michael bendis mike deodato jr.
Madness of Dark Dimension

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Here is your links to buy "Dark Avengers – Molecule Man" from Marvel Comics on Amazon.

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Dark Avengers – Molecule Man (Hardcover)

In continuation to "Dark Reign" crossover event, writer Brian Michael Bendis (Mighty Avengers – Secret Invasion, Mighty Avengers – The Ultron Initiative) and artist Mike Deodato Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man – New Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man – Sins Past) returns for second storyline of Dark Avengers monthly ongoing from Marvel Comics.

"Molecule Man" story collects issues #09-12 of titular comic-book series and primarily focuses on a powerful old-school Fantastic Four villain. Having a history of a deteriorating mental state in past, Owen Reece comes to his hometown and starts vanishing anyone who come across that area until he did that to the daughter of a US Senator.

dark avengers molecule man marvel comics ares wolverine daken hawkeye bullseye spider-man mac gargan ms marvel karla sofen sentry robert reynolds iron patriot norman osborn victoria hand brian michael bendis mike deodato jr.
At Mercy of Molecule Man

This has forced Osborn to arrive in Colorado for investigation with his newly assembled team of Avengers but they all either ended up being disintegrated or trapped. It took some convincing from his second-in-command Victoria Hand to cease Owen from attacking them but finally, it was the anger he caused to Sentry has made him retreat.

Robert Reynolds discovers new facts about his powers and Ares learns that his son is training under Nick Fury. Daken, Lester and Mac Gargan mostly served as background characters while Man-Thing showed up for a brief cameo. More of their misadventures will be explored in upcoming story "Siege", which would serve as a tie-in.
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