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Chew – International Flavor | Comics

chew international flavor
Chew – International Flavor | Comics
FDA agent Mason Savoy is busted by fellow agent Tony Chu, for his involvement in killing another agent Evan Papper for his own agenda. Before losing his badge, Savoy managed to bit off Tony’s left ear to use it against him if he ever comes after him. Back in FDA, Chu meets his former partner John Colby, who is back from the hospital after recently joining the FDA in exchange for the cybernetic implants on his skull. Upon seeing Chu in the office he tries to start a fight for what happened to him and out of the hatred for Tony, their boss Mike Applebee thinks that they should partner up and help the NYPD with a special case of robbery.

As they progress with their day, they pay a visit to D-Bear, investigate and analyze info that led them to catch the robbers at Marina Bill enjoying a chicken diner along with the loot. The FDA storms out the boat and Tony determines the diner is not made of chicken but a fruit by tasting it. The plant looks like a pineapple with octopus like tentacles at its bottom that originates in the island of Yamapalu, where Tony is headed for further investigation and met U.S.D.A. agent Lin Sae Woo who was also after Tony's tail for some time. They were about to work together on this case but before that she is ambushed and killed by a very formidable assailant. Unaware of this, Tony learns of a local fighting chicken named Poyo and found disturbing evidence that warns him of a presence of vampire behind all the conspiracies he has unveiled recently at Yamapalu.
rob guillory chew
A Vampire Conspiracy?
Here is your links for “Chew – International Flavor" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Chew 06

Chew 07
chew image comics
The Chicken Fruit

Chew 08

Chew 09

Chew 10

Here is your link for “Chew – International Flavor" storyline from Image Comics.

Chew – International Flavor

The second story arc of the ongoing comic series Chew titled International Flavor consist issue #06-10 from Image Comics publications. The plot and the surrounding contents are created by John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and Rob Guillory who also worked on the previous arc Taster´s Choice. As all the stoylines are inter-connected, this one led us to the following chapter titled Just Desserts from the Chew series.
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