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The Walking Dead – Life Among Them | Comics

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The Walking Dead – Life Among Them
 | Comics
Rick Grimes and the survivors hit the road after giving Dale a proper burial on the church graveyard. He found a small town that is already overruned and then returned to the group. As they were getting closer to Washington, D.C. he asks Eugene for an update on the radio but got in a brawl when Rick has gone to reach for the radio. It is revealed that it was empty and there was no battery in it ever, which finally confirms that he was lying about being a scientist. Right at that moment, Abraham bursts into rage and almost beat him to death. Suddenly everyone loses hope they had about going to Washington and Abraham is pissed at himself for being a fool for such a long time. He and Rick were greeted by a stranger at night when they were having a conversation with each other.

Introducing himself as Aaron, the man asks to meet the leader of the group as he is a recruiter who takes new people to join his community. But a suspicious Rick Grimes knocked him over and tied him up for interrogation. Due to their previous experience with The Governor, most of the group is skeptical about Aaron's credibility but Michonne vouched up for him. The group starts next morning for Aaron’s community, stops to assist other supply runners of the community and fights a group of Walkers in the city and then head back to home. The survivors eventually reached the gates of Alexandria Safe-Zone, which Aaron was talking about earlier. Rick and Alexandria's leader, Douglas Monroe had a chat and Rick’s group is welcomed to that Zombie-free community.

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The Herald of Salvation
Here is your links for “The Walking Dead – Life Among Them" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

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Here is your link for “The Walking Dead – Life Among Them" storyline from Image Comics.

The Walking Dead Vol 12 – Life Among Them

As the twelfth storyline of The Walking Dead monthly ongoing series, "Life Among Them" starts from where the previous story ‘Fear The Hunters’ concluded. The arc features issue #67-72 from the series, written by creator Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and drawn by artist Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files). This storyline and some major concepts have been adapted to the Season 05 of The Walking Dead TV Series on AMC. Rick and his group of survivors continue their harsh journey of survival on the next story which is "Too Far Gone".
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