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Batman – Earth One Vol 01 | Comics

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Batman – Earth One Vol 01 | Comics
Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Arkham-Wayne are the concerned citizens of Gotham City and proud parents of their eight years old son Bruce Wayne. When Bruce’s father decides to run for the Mayor of Gotham, he calls up his war-time buddy Alfred Pennyworth. As an experienced soldier, Alfred deduces that Thomas has been receiving threats and he’s been called here to look over the security of Wayne Manor. That night the Wayne’s went out for their weekly movie night in spite of Alfred’s warnings and got murdered by a mugger in a set of events in motion. Now left in his custody, Bruce is raised by him and he served as the butler for the boy. While receiving training from Alfred, Bruce also took inspiration from the bats after being attacked once.

As he grew up as an adult, Bruce decides to investigate his parent’s murder and eventually found involvement of a corrupt former detective named Jacob Weaver working for the current Mayor Oswald Cobblepot. Dressed up in a bat-themed spandex costume, Bruce starts prowling at night but then went for help to Lucius Fox as he failed to catch Weaver when his gadget broke during chase. In the mean time, Detective James Gordon of Gotham City Police Department has been assigned with a new recruitment, Harvey Bullock on a case of mysterious disappearance of young girls. When Bullok unknowingly started digging at the old case of Wayne’s murder, Jim’s daughter Barbara Gordon is abducted by a dangerous serial killer who goes by the name of Birthday Boy.

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Batman – Earth One Vol 01 (Comics)
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Debuted back in 2012, Batman – Earth One is an alternative take of storyline that was published from a set of graphic novels line titled ‘Earth One’. Writer Geoff Johns (Superman – Secret Origin, Justice League – New 52) and artist Gary Frank (Midnight Nation, Supergirl) were behind the wheels of this new ride with The Dark Knight on a new direction which led it to be the number #1 on the list of New York Times' bestselling book. Recently, a new rumor has surfaced that the book is going to be adapted for the live action Batman (2018) movie with writer Johns also reported to be collaborating the script alongside actor Ben Affleck as the lead, who also portrays the character in "Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice" to be released on 2016. A sequel titled ‘Batman – Earth One Vol 02’ was also released on 2015 following the huge success of the crittically acclaimed first installment.
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