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The Walking Dead – We Find Ourselves | Comics

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The Walking Dead – We Find Ourselves
 | Comics
A previous encounter with an outsider group called The Scavengers (Too Far Gone) draw attention of a massive herd towards Alexandria Safe-Zone and they eventually broke within the walls. Rick devised a plan to get out of the herd but Jessie and Ron couldn’t make it out. Carl got shot accidentally by a rogue bullet fired by Douglas Monroe that cost him an eye and Michonne lost Morgan to his infection from a Walker-bite. She and Rick teamed up against the entire horde as the others joined and finally, they cleared out every single Walkers. Rick realizes after this, that the undeads are a manageable problem with the human working together. Following the battle, the residents of Alexandria gets busy in cleaning up the mess and Rick was tending towards his wounded son.

Glenn reunites with Maggie after the crisis and Rosita acknowledged to Abraham about of his affair with Holly. The town folks all meet to discuss their new strategy from now after the funeral for the recently deceased on such as the idea of everyone carrying a gun, building a maze for Walkers and sending more men for supply run. Rosita leaves Abraham and moved to Eugene's house. Rick, Andrea and Denise are constantly checking on Carl’s condition. The people are training with Andrea who teaches them to shoot against the oncoming Walkers. Spencer tries to talk to her several times but with no luck. Rick and the rest go for a supply run and everything else seemed fine until some problem arises again. Not in the form of roaming undeads but from the living of their own!

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The Walking Dead - We Find Ourselves (Comics) Wikia
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Away From Alexandria
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The Conflict Internal

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The Walking Dead Vol 15 – We Find Ourselves

No Way Out was a massive blast of undead horde ever since the journey of Rick and his band of survivors embarked on. The story then takes a slow pace with the storyline “We Find Ourselves” by series regular Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) from Image Comics. The run took issues #85-90 from the ongoing series of The Walking Dead that will be continued in the next arc titled “A Larger World”. From here on, a grander scheme lays its foundation in this apocalyptic universe that will be a start of a new turning point for everybody.
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