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Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself | Comics

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Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself | Comics
After being released by the Red Skull’s daughter, The Serpent, a god of Asgard culminates "The American Blitzkrieg" era, causing a massive spread of fear around Earth. The Serpent also summoned seven divine hammers on Earth that transformed a group of former super-villains and heroes alike into the lieutenant of his cause, dubbed as The Worthy. Just like the few other super villains, Paul Duval AKA The Grey Gargoyle has turned into one of the Worthies, now calling himself as Mokk; breaker of faith. Now with his newly found unmatched powers, Mokk reaches to the city of lights, Paris and after reaching there, he is doing what he does best, turning people into stone.

The ultimate man of science Tony Stark heads to Paris on news of rampage there caused by Mokk and to face him as Invincible Iron Man. But with horror, he sees the entire city is turned into stone by Mokk with his power as Grey Gargoyle. A shocked Iron Man attacked Mokk with no actual success while Tony kept hitting him hard and it seems like Mokk was expecting a better fight from him. Tony’s rival Detroit Steel tried to stop Mokk’s rampage with the cost of his own life. Tony sees no apparent way to fight the mystically powered Worthies but to apply the same manner on them. So, he asks Odin Allfather’s help and blessings to the battlefield. Despite all of this, he also got back to his old drinking habit and if he can get a hold of that, he have to worry about the mischievous Smoke Elves sent by The Serpent.
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Iron Man Re-Forged
Here is your links for "Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself" tie-in storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

The Invincible Iron Man 509

The Invincible Iron Man 504

The Invincible Iron Man 505

The Invincible Iron Man 506

The Invincible Iron Man 507

The Invincible Iron Man 508

The Invincible Iron Man 509

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Wrath of Mokk
Here is your links for "Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself" tie-in storyline from Marvel Comics.

Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself (Softcover)

Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself (Hardcover)

"Fear Itself" is a major comic-book crossover event that tied with many then ongoing series and 'Invincible Iron Man – Fear Itself' is a six part tie-in story during the event that ran from issue #504-509 of the first volume of Invincible Iron Man monthly series by writer Matt Fraction (Defenders, Fantastic Four) and the artist Salvador Larroca (Death of Wolverine – The Weapon X Program, Spider-Man – House of M) from Marvel Comics in 2012. The story was preceded by “Invincible Iron Man – Unfixable” and started right after the conclusion of that tale, from where the very crossover event ushered as well. Apart from the appearances of the regular characters featuring the story, cameos were made by The Avengers member Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and Hawkeye.
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