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Suicide Squad – Kicked in the Teeth | Comics

Master assassin Deadshot recalls how his hit on a senator in Gotham City gone wrong for the unexpected intervention of Batman which caused him to miss his shot for the first time in his career and him ended up in Belle Reve prison as a death row inmate. He was sent on a covert operation with fellow convict Harley Quinn, El Diablo, King Shark, Black Spider, Voltaic and Savant as team 'Task Force X' or better known as Suicide Squad on a rescue mission after being forcibly drafted to retrieve a rogue agent for their employer Amanda Waller.

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Suicide Squad – Kicked in the Teeth | Comics

Soon as they arrived to do the job, they realized that they are being set up and caught by an unknown group of captors. Without revealing their true identity, their newest captors brutally tortured them to break for information. All of the members either were drooling to the pain or lost in thoughts of their life before Suicide Squad until Savant decides to spill whatever he knew about. In return, he is killed almost instantly and the rest of the group is released informing that they passed the initiation test.

Now qualified for the ranks of the team, the squad members are sent to Mississippi to wipe out sixty thousand people inside the Megadome stadium after retrieving a package from a woman named Caley Burns. When the reaches to their destination they face an army of ravaging civilians infected by some virus as well as Caley herself and if the situation at hand can be taken care of, facing the bounty hunter called Mad Dog and a massive prison break at Belle Reve is what they have to deal with up next.

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Super-Villain Prison Break

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Suicide Squad Vol 01 – Kicked in the Teeth (Softcover)

Collecting the first seven issues of the fourth volume of Suicide Squad, which also is the first monthly ongoing series in The New 52 timeline, "Kicked in the Teeth" is the first story arc. The story takes the team in not one but three separate missions on their joining of the group, marking it to be the origin for the characters of the Squad.

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The Runaway Quinn

As the story progressed, writer Adam Glass (Deadpool, Flashpoint – Legion of Doom) and artist Federico Dallocchio were the man forming the creative team with Ryan Benjamin serving as the cover artist. The story is quick paced and definitely not for kids but Glass deserves some credit for his part except for artist Dallocchio. The art he provides is way horrible compared to other graphic novels DC is publishing.
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