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Joe Hill's The Cape | Comics

joe hill the cape comic
Joe Hill's The Cape | Comics
Eric and Nicky were brothers growing up together playing Red Bolt and Streak, one chasing another until the day, when Eric get rid of his cape and fell from a tree. Though he survived the fall, it took a great physical toll on him, or mostly on his skull. He had his cape from all his childhood, which was actually a blue blanket that Eric would never let go off and later his mom cropped it to a downsize and sew a red lightning bolt along with a marine patch of his father Captain Gordon Chase, who went missing in action during Vietnam War. After that accident, Eric never even saw the cape again and moved on in life. However, he was a lazy slack compared to his brother Nicky, yet managed to befriend with his friend Angela, who would become Eric's girlfriend.

They totally hit it off as a couple as Angie is always thinking about a future but Eric's lazy ass attitude made him miss every job deadlines and he settled in for delivering pizzas, while Angie finished school and was busting her ass with nursing school. Things were going good for Angie as well as Nicky and they both were worried about Eric, who in a never-ending frustration of failing at everything, loses it. Soon, Angela leaves him and his landlord kicked him out, forcing him to move into his mother's basement. At night, he eventually found the cape his childhood when looking for something to beat the cold and realized that wearing it, he can now fly. After spending his whole life as a sore loser, Eric finally decides to explore his dark side upon getting his hands on this new power.
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To The Skies
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Joe Hill's The Cape One-Shot

Joe Hill's The Cape 01

Joe Hill's The Cape 02

Joe Hill's The Cape 03

Joe Hill's The Cape 04
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Cape and Chainsaw Massacre

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Joe Hill's The Cape

Joe Hill's The Cape (Deluxe Edition)

New York Times bestselling writer Joe Hill (Locke & Key, Wraith – Welcome to Christmasland)'s book The Cape is a four-part limited series that came out on 2012 from IDW. Writer Jason Ciaramella (Oxymoron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Villains) took the liberty of adapting the original story for series alongside artists Nelson Daniel (Judge Dredd, Wild Blue Yonder) and Zach Howard (Aliens – More Than Human, Judge Dredd – City Limits). The dark and gritty psychological thriller vibe really made it a phenomenon for comic books that are suited for adult readers. Following the immense success of The Cape, IDW came up with a prequel of the series titled "Joe Hill's The Cape – 1969" in 2013 by the same creative team involved with this one.
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