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Chew – Space Cakes | Comics

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Chew – Space Cakes | Comics
FDA operative Tony Chu's sister is an agent of NASA, which becomes the most powerful government organization after the fiery alien script showed up in sky (Just Desserts). Aside this, she also possesses a food-power that lets her see oncoming events upon chewing onto something living. This does helps her take important decisions about her love life and after she "Hit the Sack" with her director and lover Paneer Sharma for a couple of times, she bit him in the neck to learn what the future holds for her. Soon, she pays a visit to his severely injured brother Tony at the hospital and her elder brother Chow Chu showed up to enlist her help. With her assistance, Chow humiliates Barnabas Cremini for stealing his recipe and insulting him in an auction earlier.

When she returns, she meets Tony's colleague Caesar Valenzano, who believes that they have met before but in spite of that being true, she denies. She teams-up with Paneer to bust D-Bear when one of her friends show up reporting abduction of his Psychedelic Frogs that causes hallucination. Then Caesar, John Colby, Special Agent Vorhees and a completely stoned Tony on a wheelchair go rescuing a genetic engineer from E.G.G. Terrorists with help from Poyo. After one more operation with Caesar and John, Antonelle Chu finally says yes to Paneer when he proposes. Valenzano still tries to figure out where he met Toni before. Sensing the foreseeable future, Toni starts preparing for her wedding day with her friend and family waiting to witness the epic moment.
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Dance With The Devil
Here is your links for “Chew – Space Cakes" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

01. Chew 26

02. Chew 27

03. Chew – Secret Agent Poyo

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Cibo-Voyancy and Future

06. Chew 30

Here is your link for “Chew – Space Cakes" storyline from Image Comics.

Chew – Space Cakes

As the continuation of the story from the previous arc "Major League Chew", Space Cakes is the sixth chapter in the Chew monthly ongoing series from Image Comics by writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and artist Rob Guillory. This story arc picks up issue #23-30 from the series and Secret Agent Poyo One-Shot. Also, a "Death in the Family" or so to speak, takes place which will pave road to the grand-finale of the plot and shake everyone attached to the character emotionally. Space Cakes eventually concludes to the next storyline titled 'Bad Apples' by the same creative team behind the series.
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