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The Walking Dead – What Comes After | Comics

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The Walking Dead – What Comes After
 | Comics
From the very day he regained his consciousness from coma and found himself on a bed of the abandoned Harrison Memorial Hospital of Kentucky, in a Post-Apocalyptic world that is overruned by flesh-eating Zombies, former deputy sheriff, Rick Grimes fought his way up to this point where he dealt with the infidelity issue of his wife Lori and best friend Shane (Days Gone Bye), struggled with the survival of his group, took shelter in a prison (Safety Behind Bars), faced the threat of The Governor (The Best Defense), became the de facto leader of Alexandria Safe-Zone (Life Among Them) and even survived the Zombie onslaught on Alexandria (No Way Out) but never had he felt such helpless when Negan came looking for retribution for killing his men and to make a point.

Negan bashed the skull of one of Rick's own in front of his group and made them watch. Normally, Rick would have reacted to this and retaliate but till date, he is never caught this off-guard when Negan stroke back. So, he agreed to give half of their supplies as an offering to The Saviors. When they came to Alexandria to collect their first offering, Negan intimidates Rick in front of his people and Carl protests standing up to the former. As the boy took it upon himself to sneak on The Saviors and infiltrate their secret base to kill Negan, he actually impresses the tyrant and he gave the boy a tour of his establishment. Meanwhile, Rick devises his own plan with Paul "Jesus" Monroe to fight back Negan and his followers while they play along by joining the Kingdom of Ezekiel.

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Hostiles and Calamities
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The Kingdom of Ezekiel

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The Walking Dead Vol 18 – What Comes After

Following the shocking turn of events and the arrival of a new ruthless nemesis for Rick Grimes and his band of survivors in "Something To Fear", The Walking Dead monthly ongoing series is continued the order of things in "What Comes After". Series regular Robert Kirkman (Battle Pope, Haunt) and Charlie Adlard (Judge Dredd, The X-Files) returns with another spectacular arc of the Zombie Apocalypse that is narrated in issues #103-108 of the ongoing title from Image Comics. The current and the previous storyline and major aspects from it has also been adapted for The Walking Dead Season 6 and Season 7 on AMC TV in 2016, while slightly altering things to suit a bit for cable TV audiences. Things will start to build-up towards a major development in "March To War", which is the next storyline in order.
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