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Chew – Bad Apples | Comics

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Chew – Bad Apples | Comics
As the Chu family found out about the demise of Tony's sister Antonelle Chu, the whole family and friends gathered to show their respects. When his wife Min Tso-Chu died years ago, he shattered and this created a distance in relationship with his daughter Olive as she grew up in his sister Rose-Mary's care, which he tries to reconcile. As it hits him hard and breaks from the inside as he mourns for Toni, he and his friend John Colby are recruited again as FDA agents by director Mike Applebee. Tony works his ass-off to bust a conspiracy by Thin-Ex Industries and their connection to Divinity of the Immaculate Ova. Several other terrorist attempts by egg-worshiping cult are foiled and high priestess Sister Alani Adobo declares a Holy War on anyone who eats chicken.

While working with colleague Caesar Valenzano, Colby realizes by connecting the dots that he is still working with Savoy and they got into a brawl but the latter agrees to meet Mason Savoy. Since he has no tolerance for bullshit now, Tony sidelines Applebee and Colby comes to rescue. Tony goes to Yamapalu Island for an assignment with U.S. Navy to investigate a training camp of Immaculate Ova ran by Oscar Chalaza. After a brief fight with his bodyguard, Chu finally manages to discover a link that leads him straight to the location he was looking for. At an undisclosed location of Eastern Europe, FDA operative Tony Chu finds himself as a guest on a dinner table with his sworn enemy; The Collector. In a surprise turn of events, John Colby finally joins Mason Savoy.
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The Chicken Prophecy
Here is your links for “Chew – Bad Apples" storyline from Image Comics in issues.

Chew 31

Chew 32

Chew 33

Chew 34

Chew 35

Here is your link for “Chew – Bad Apples" storyline from Image Comics.
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Cop! Crusader! Cannibal!

Chew – Bad Apples

'Bad Apples' is the seventh storyline by writer John Layman (Aliens – Inhuman Condition, Army of Darkness/Xena) and artist Rob Guillory for monthly ongoing Image Comics' series Chew, that is preceded by previous storyline 'Space Cakes'. For what the whole plotline has been building for the past couple of books from the series, Bad Apples expands the Chew universe to a new extend, creating many openings for future conflicts with Tony's arch-nemesis The Collector, John Colby's unexpected alliance with Mason Savoy and Olivia Chu's growing into her own shoes just like her father. The story collects issues #31-35 and is concludes to the next arc 'Family Recipes'.
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