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Punisher – Black and White | Comics

punisher black and white
Punisher – Black and White | Comics
The new Howling Commandos are a black-ops unit, who has secured a hostage from captivity in Togo, West Africa and hired to take down The Punisher next. At the La Tovara River, Frank Castle busts a small drug exchange, blows up their boats and killed the drug dealers. Then he dropped the thug in charge into the water to be eaten by crocs after extracting the name of Hector Suarez. Frank's been chasing after the Dos Sols cartel for five months from Mexico, who employs deadly chemical weapons and now, he is in Los Angeles to stop them. At Lou's diner, Frank befriends a police officer named Sam Stone before heading to meet his military contact Tuggs for weapons and gears. He then kidnaps Hector, located where the drug is packed and blew it up all.

He sneaks up onto Dos Sols leader Del Sol who is about to acquire a weapon from A.I.M. but lost them. Next up, he steps into a firefight between the cartel thugs and police. Two of the officers were unfortunately electrocuted to death, leaving Officer Stone behind. Punisher gives a chase to them and it turns out that the gang now has the super-villain Electro working for them, from whom Frank barely escapes. He breaks into another hideout of Dos Sols and goes on an extermination parade on them until Electro knocks him out for good and bagged him. Surely, taking down an entire cartel is no big of a deal for Frank on any given day but with that much on his plate already, can he outrun and survive the relentless Howling Commandos team behind his tail?
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The Electrifying Revelation
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Punisher V9 01

Punisher V9 02

Punisher V9 03

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Punisher V9 05

Punisher V9 06

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Static Charge Sting

Punisher – Black and White

There is a new drug mafia on the rise in the city of angels and The Punisher visits the town to mow them down. Marvel hires writer Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow – The Finely Woven Thread, Black Widow – The Tightly Tangled Web) and artist Mitch Gerads (Punisher – Border Crossing, Punisher – Last Days) to start off a new starting point for the deadly vigilante in the storyline "Black and White" in 2014. The arc is comprised of issues #01-06 from the ninth monthly ongoing volume of Punisher comic books where Frank Castle goes hunting into an urban jungle that is out of his regular territory and as usual makes a mess out of the bad-guys.
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