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Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two | Comics

It was the time when Hal Jordan has saved the universe from the "Blackest Night" and went to have a drink with Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance. Those were the good times when they were friends and had fun. Today, the world has divided among the two fractions of superheroes have gathered to pay their final respects to Green Arrow, who died at the hands of an enraged Superman previously.

injustice gods among us year 2 dc comics
Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two | Comics
Black Canary shuts down Hal as he still stands with The Regime. When Superman came to talk to her, she unleashed her "Canary Cry" on him, thus making his ears bleed and then reveals that she is pregnant. He then visits Commissioner Gordon looking for Batman with no success. Bruce wakes up on the Tower of Fate, to find out Alfred and Zatanna has moved him here.

Kyle Rayner was heading back to Earth after a long time but he was opposed by the Sinestro Corps and its leader, who takes his ring off and kills him. On Oa, Guardians of the Universe notices the massive shift of power on Earth. So, they appoint Guy Gardner to look into it and find Kyle, who has gone missing. Wonder Woman has been down from her last battle and Superman is beside her.

He sends The Flash and Green Lantern to convince the Congress from shutting down the U. S. Government. Meanwhile, Sinestro arrives to the Watchtower and Superman slams him to the moon. He informs Kal-El that the Green Lantern Corps are coming for him. Ganthet confronting Superman ended with a heated argument and the Guardians led the entire Corps to take down Superman.

green lantern hal jordan vs guy gardner
Crashing to Earth

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Injustice – Gods Among Us (Comics) Injustice Wikia

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Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two Vol 02 (Hardcover)

Injustice – Gods Among Us – Year Two – The Complete Collection

The Man of Steel's tyrannical rule continues as DC Comics has brought back Injustice comic-book with "Year Two" in 2014, based on the massively popular fighting game "Injustice – Gods Among Us" of 2013.

The plotline is devised by writer Tom Taylor (Star Wars – Blood Ties, Star Wars – Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir), who is aided by artist Mike S. Miller and Bruno Redondo. Penciller Jheremy Raapack (Batman – Arkham Unhinged, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – Origins of Eternia) provides cover for the issues.

injustice gods among us superman comic
Rise of A Tyrant

This entire story revolves around the Guardians of the Universe being involved with stopping Superman's dictatorship at all cost and it showcases some major causality, mostly on the part of heroes. Batman has been mostly absent from the fight and a different side of Harley Quinn is explored. The alternate reality storyline of Injustice will go on with "Year Three" up next.
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