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H'El on Earth | Comics

Superman is currently following a new training regime to get powered up for being prepared to prevent any further attack from his new enemy Helspont. He soon returns to Metropolis to assume his role as Clark Kent but then quits the Daily Planet under the circumstances created by its current owner Morgan Edge. He got engaged in a fight with an alien dragon in Metropolis, ended up in Ireland, where Supergirl confronts him to inform that the creature was Kryptonian.

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H'El on Earth | Comics

A mysterious Kryptonian named H'El secretly observes them both and soon he attacks Superboy when he was with Teen Titans with an intention of killing him as clones were made outlaw in Krypton and considered as abominations but ended up taking him as hostage after easily defeating the Titans.

While Superman was busy trying to figure out the origin of the Kryptonian stranger with Dr. Veritas, H'El approaches to Supergirl with his vision of restoring Krypton and even convinces her to accompany him in his mission. H'El is with an agenda to bring back Krypton to life at any cost, even if it means the complete destruction of Earth.

Superman and Superboy engages him in battle but proven as a futile force against H'El's might. Superman along with a gravely injured Superboy deems that they are unable to fend this powerful new enemy, so they call in the Justice League. Batman, Cyborg and Wonder Woman arrived at the Fortress of Solitude to battle against H'El. Soon, Superman stopped and met by a massive mysterious entity the Oracle in outer space.

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Crisis at World's End

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"H'El on Earth" is a Superman crossover comic book event by DC Comics published in 2012-2013. This crossover is mapped by writer Scott Lobdell (Generation X, Uncanny X-Men), Tom DeFalco and Mike Johnson throughout the Superman, Supergirl and Superboy monthly comic book ongoing series from the New 52 timeline.

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With The League at His Side

Artist Kenneth Rocafort (Red Hood and the Outlaws, Velocity), RB Silva, Rob Lean, Mahmud Asrar (Dynamo 5, Small Gods – Outside The Box) has drawn the pages. The aftermath of this crossover event is later continued in “Krypton Returns” storyline and continued further with unsolved endings..
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