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Legendary Star-Lord – Face It, I Rule | Comics

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Legendary Star Lord – Face It, I Rule
 | Comics
The intergalactic outlaw Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord, were indulged into the memory lane, recalling the day his mother died and his life on Earth becoming nightmare. But then he discovers himself in an orphanage surrounded by a band of Badoons at present. Even if they were here for the Mandalay Gem, they quickly took him captive as there is a blood bounty from a mysterious Mister Knife on his head. While Peter was saving the day with his pals from Guardians of the Galaxy, he has no idea on Mr. Knife. The guards were fooling around with his gun and he was knocked unconscious in his cell. When awake, he made contact with X-Men's Kitty Pryde with his communicator hidden in his boots. Since Mr. Knife was gunning for Earth, he wanted to check.

The bulky Badoon guard Thumbnail caught his talking with Kitty and Peter makes a break for it along with the gem. Next up, he got captured again and now by his half-sister Captain Victoria who also wants the bounty on Peter for a big payday for the sake of the ruined Spartax Empire. However, Quill manages to convince her of another way in which she can get what she wants. Soon, he again finds himself captive into a Badoon destroyer ship along with a spy and a Badoon child but eventually escapes from there in a stolen ship to settle some old scores with Thanos on Earth’s moon. But how on earth is he going to survive up against the all-powerful Titan? And what’s the fuss about an ancient cosmic artifact Black Vortex, which is the signal for the worst kind of bad news?
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Legendary Adventures of Star-Lord
Here is your links for “Legendary Star-Lord – Face It, I Rule" storyline from Marvel Comics in issues.

Legendary Star-Lord 01

Legendary Star-Lord 02

Legendary Star-Lord 03

Legendary Star-Lord 04

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Outlaws and Bounty Hunter
Legendary Star-Lord 05

Here is your link for “Legendary Star-Lord – Face It, I Rule" storyline from Marvel Comics.

Legendary Star-Lord – Face It, I Rule

Writer Sam Humphries (Fanboys vs. Zombies – Wrecking Crew 4 Lyfe, Fanboys vs. Zombies – Appetite for Destruction) took responsibility for the new monthly ongoing series “Legendary Star-Lord” on 2014 and artist Paco Medina (New Avengers, New X-Men) and Freddie Williams II aided him on the first storyline “Face It, I Rule”. The plot takes Peter Quill into the furthest corners of the galaxy with his misadventures and he goes up against all odds. The story hints at that time during The Thanos Imperative when Quill was trapped in the Cancerverse along with Nova, Drax the Destroyer and The Mad Titan. The story also hints toward the upcoming Marvel crossover event “The Black Vortex”.
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