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Wonder Woman – The Lies | Comics

As her memories keeps changing, Wonder Woman cannot even rely on her Lasso of Truth and will seek help from one of her greatest enemies.

In her vision, Wonder Woman starts seeing memories that she cannot recall properly. She is confused about the story of her birth as if she was forged from clay on the shore of Paradise Island by Hippolyta out of her wish for a daughter or is she truly the daughter of Zeus after all and this bothers her.

She looks at the helm of the God of War, which she is, yet she hesitates to believe even that. Her time with the Amazons of Themyscira and her mother reminds her of memories she still cannot verify as it keeps changing.

Diana then crushes the helmet between her bare hands, which is also an impossible feat for anyone. So, she uses the Lasso of Truth on herself and it confirms that she's been deceived and she had a brief glimpse of her other counterparts from the Multiverse. Leaving her costume behind, Wonder Woman takes new attire and goes to Olympus seeking truth.

She faced off a few Automatons there created by her brother Hephaestus and after a brief fight with those sentries; she realizes that this is not even the real Olympus at all. This whole entirety is just another lie that is being fed to her.

wonder woman dc rebirth vol 1 lies
Wonder Woman – The Lies | Comics

Wonder Woman then goes to Bwunda woods of the Banakane Rainforest, looking for help of someone she knows but is seemingly followed by a feral pack of werehyenas called Boudas all along. When attacked by them, she took all of them down with ease and then is confronted by her former friend Barbara Ann Minerva AKA Cheetah.

She savagely greeted Diana with claws and pinned her to the ground. Upon restraining her with some efforts, Diana then explains her reasons for which she has been forced to turn to her arch-enemy to seek help finding her home Themyscira and how they can both help each other now.

Meanwhile, Steve Trevor and his boys were trying to take down a local warlord named Andres Cadulo, who is about to resurrect Urzkartaga; an ancient plant-god, to help him conquer world and he is also the person responsible for creation of Cheetah.

Commander Etta Candy of A.R.G.U.S. instructs Master Chief Steve Trevor and her boys to get to Urzkartaga before Andres Cadulo does and so, the team heads to their objective therefore. They all were eventually captured at the hands of Cadulo's men and Steve was chosen by Cadulo to be sacrificed as a vessel for Urzkartaga.

After battling a small horde of Boudas together, Wonder Woman and Cheetah talked it out about working on their differences. While still blaming her for being unable to prevent what has happened, Cheetah asks Diana to help her kill Urzkartaga to remove the curse that is upon her and has turned her into this feral state permanently.

These two then breaks into the secret holdout where Cadulo has kept Steve and his boys captive and frees them from Boudas before finally facing the menacing Urzkartaga in battle.

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Greatest Enemy Alliance

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Here is your link to buy "Wonder Woman – The Lies" from DC Comics on Amazon.

Wonder Woman – The Lies

Following the ground-breaking events of "The Final Days of Superman", DC Comics has launched "DC Universe – Rebirth" to usher a brand-new era for their heroes. Thus, comic-book writer Greg Rucka (Blackest Night – Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia) returns to plot a Wonder Woman story after a decade along with artist Liam Sharp (Countdown Presents – Lord Havok and the Extremists, Spawn – The Dark Ages).

This story took place on fifth ongoing volume of Wonder Woman monthly series from issues #01, 03, 05, 07, 09, 11 as well as one-shot Rebirth issue. The odd number issues will be summed up in the "Year One" storyline set in the era of "DC Rebirth".

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Closer to The Truth

The story starts with many past reference that took place before and after the reality-altering "Flashpoint" event and that includes her time against Gorgon on New Earth reality (Wonder Woman – Eyes of the Gorgon), the Parademon invasion on Prime Earth (Justice League – Origin), romance with Superman, adventures with her allies in Justice League and as part of a Trinity (Wonder Woman – War-Torn) of World's most iconic heroes has all came in her flashbacks.

No matter how desperately she seeks for truth, she cannot tell exactly what she is looking for. This storyline can end up serving to be the plotline for upcoming superhero movie Wonder Woman 1984 by director Patty Jenkins.
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