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Mad Max – Fury Road | Comics

mad max comics
Mad Max – Fury Road | Comics
Colonel Joe Moore was a war veteran who formed a raider gang with a bunch of his followers, when things gone ugly and the society is distorted. He and his gang started operating in the massive wasteland and raided places to scavenge for supplies for their survival. During one of his raids, a captured fat man informs him of a place for sanctuary with ridiculous amount of supplies but also warns them of it being heavily guarded. When the attempts of bribing the defenders of the fortress with sex slaves failed, Joe and his pals launched an attack but only to face heavy retaliation. In the end, Joe took that place in control through heavy slaughter of men from both parties. The way he achieved victory thorough the raging onslaught earned him a god-like status and the name "Immortan Joe".

To continue his legacy to forthcoming future, Immortan Joe keeps his precious Five Wives only for the purpose of breeding his worthy successor in a locked underground vault with every privilege that the other people even thrive to dream. Joe assigns a warrior, Imperator Furiosa to guard them but eventually she decides to do otherwise. A small child who came to Joe’s Citadel with both of his parents unfortunately lost to the harsh ways of living. Still believing his father to be alive, he tries to reach on top of the Citadel and becomes one of the war pugs named Nux. Meanwhile, “MadMax Rockatansky was contending in the gladiator arena of "Thunderdome Plus" of Gas Town for a V8 engine as prize.

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Mad Max – Fury Road (Comics) Wikipedia
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Tyrant of Citadel
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Mad Max – Fury Road – Nux and Immortan Joe 01

Mad Max – Fury Road – Furiosa 01

Mad Max – Fury Road – Mad Max 01

Mad Max – Fury Road – Mad Max 02

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Mad Max – Fury Road
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Traveler of Fury Road

Mad Max – Fury Road Inspired Artists Deluxe Edition (Softcover)

Mad Max – Fury Road Inspired Artists Deluxe Edition (Hardcover)

Released in four installment issues that serve as a prequel to the 2015 post-apocalyptic film Mad Max – Fury Road, a limited series starts publishing in 2015 from Vertigo of the same name. Written by the creator of the same franchise George Miller, this series also features the creative input of Nico Lathouris and Mark Sexton. The first two issues were focused on Imperator Furiosa, Nux and Immortan Joe, focusing on their lives. The latter two issues are totally on the main protagonist Max Rockatansky AKA Mad Max. The story of this series was somewhat not essential yet enjoyable to the general and hardcore fans of the franchise. The issue on Furiosa was heavily criticized for the portrayal of violence but compared to that, the other issues performed pretty well.
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