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Prometheus – Fire and Stone | Comics

In 2090, a year after they made a discovery of an ancient star map, archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and her partner Charlie Holloway believed that they have finally found an invitation from our creator. When approached to his company, Sir Peter Weyland initially sent a probe to LV-223 for scaling the entire planetoid and examining its atmosphere but was eventually crushed by an Engineer. Shaw and her crew-mates of Prometheus learned their lesson hard when they came across one of those merciless creators and wakes him up.

126 years after USCSS Prometheus' arrival and 40 years after the landing of excavator vessel Onager from Hadley's Hope colony, spaceship Geryon, has reached on the barren moon of LV-223 with a salvage mission led by Captain Angela Foster. Her crew members set foot on an abundant jungle nearby and found its atmosphere currently breathable. While observing a bizarre scenario and encountering strange alien life all around, they have found a lake of Black Goo beside a field full of wild animals mauled to death.

prometheus fire and stone comics
Prometheus – Fire and Stone | Comics

The crews find out wrecked vessel Onager from Hadley's Hope and they unknowingly unleashed a deadly horror upon themselves. A huge swarm of Alien creatures hiding inside starts slaying them and some of them fall prey to facehuggers creeping on them, slowly succumbing to their fate. Chief of security Galgo Helder immediately starts charging at them while Angela ordered the rest of her crews to retreat. Meanwhile, astrobiologist Francis Lane and his aid, a humanoid construct named Elden got separated from their group and stumbles onto a cave that previously belonged to scientist Derrick Russell.

Upon seeing his research work, Francis realizes this lush jungle on LV-223's barren environment is actually resulted from the strange black liquid they saw earlier and it is a genetic accelerant that has incredible healing properties with horrific side effects of course. So, in a desperate attempt to find a cure for himself, he convinces Elden to be a filter for him and injected a small dose of black goo. Almost immediately, Elden starts mutating to a violent extent and a panicked Francis quickly ran for his life.

Angela and her team made it back to Helios after a short trip to the crashed derelict ship but seeing those Xenomorphs lurking nearby, they decide to stay put. Seeing no fighting chance against these horrors, Galgo along with Piper and Higgins decides to leave the moon in Perses, leaving Angela and the rest to their uncertain fate. A vengeful Elden eventually returns to exact revenge on his former friends by aiding the Xenomorphs. Amidst all these chaos, a lone Engineer wanders around them with his own ruthless agenda.

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Prometheus – Fire and Stone (Comics) Wikia

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Unimaginable Horrors Unleashed

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Prometheus – Fire and Stone 01

Prometheus – Fire and Stone 02

Prometheus – Fire and Stone 03

Prometheus – Fire and Stone 04

Prometheus – Fire and Stone – Omega

Here is your links to buy "Prometheus – Fire and Stone" from Dark Horse Comics on Amazon.

Prometheus – Fire and Stone

"Fire and Stone" is a major crossover event from Dark Horse Comics that took place in 2014 that is set on Aliens/Predators/Prometheus shared universe. "Prometheus – Fire and Stone" is a four issue limited series that came as a tie-in story along with three other limited series; Aliens – Fire and Stone, Aliens Vs. Predator – Fire and Stone and Predator – Fire and Stone. Comic-book writer Paul Tobin (Angry Birds, Plants Vs. Zombies) and artist Juan Ferreyra (Green Arrow – The Death and Life of Oliver Queen, New Suicide Squad – Kill Anything) has worked on this mini-series, which is the first one in Prometheus comic-book series, with David Palumbo serving as regular cover artist.

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Along Came an Engineer

Like its predecessor series, this one also connects to both Alien (1979) and Prometheus (2012) live-action movies from 20th Century Fox. Despite bearing the name flagship of Prometheus, we got to see a satisfying number of Xenomorphs and related creatures, indicating future films may knot a tie among these sub-series. Aside from the core issues, the story is concluded in a one-shot titled "Prometheus – Fire and Stone – Omega" that features the appearance of a lone Predator, Ahab. In a follow-up crossover "Life and Death", he will play a vital role saving the lives of the survivors from an even escalated situation.
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